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The most coveted luxury watch is the Apple Watch

It is obvious -even though Jonathan Ivy insists on denying it- that with the creation of its smart watch, Apple was not only looking to create one more smartwatch to compete with companies that had already started in this category, such as LG, Samsung or Motorola -who were taking advantage of it for the same reason-, but it also had in mind to get into the world of fashion and luxury .

Just take a look at the price range of the different versions , where the cheapest of its models -the 38mm sports version- can be found at the Apple Store for 419 euros, and the most expensive -with a 38mm box in 18-carat gold- for 18,400 euros.

The most coveted luxury watch is the Apple Watch
The most coveted luxury watch is the Apple Watch

At such high prices, if we add some of his alliances with luxury brands, such as Hermès , in charge of designing one -of the many- straps available for the Apple Watch, it was not surprising that Cupertino’s smartwatch entered the luxury watch category.

What we might not have expected -at least for the time-, is the data that NetBase has discovered about the ranking of the most coveted luxury watches, which leads the intelligent Apple watch, dethroning Rolex and surpassing brands like Tag Heuer and Patek Philipe .

The same NetBase , has created a general classification of the main luxury brands, regardless of their product. This classification is crowned by the French firm Channel, where Apple -as a company-, appears in fourth place . In the same list we also find the iPhone, in position number 11 and the mentioned Apple Watch in position number 13.

Seeing these results, it is hard to understand Jonathan Ivy’s denial of a fact that, if before seeing the “luxury classification” was already palpable, after this it is more than clear the direction of the company with elements such as the Apple Watch, be top in the technology sector, but also in the luxury .

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