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The Model S can park itself using Apple Watch

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We know that the relationship between Elon Musk and Apple is not at its best, but the interest of users has always been a priority for both, and in the case of Tesla, despite the friction with those of the apple, it has not been able to prevent a developer from creating his own app that offers more features than the app itself. Precisely, the electric car manufacturer surprised us a few months ago by providing the Model S with an ‘autopilot’ system that allowed it to park and disappear only the vehicle, and the great news is that this order can be given from the Apple Watch .

The Model S can park itself using Apple WatchThe Model S can park itself using Apple Watch

This new function incorporated in the aforementioned Tesla model, has been named Summon, and as we have pointed out in the previous paragraph, it allows the vehicle to park autonomously, but also to disappear even by opening the garage door on its own . Imagine the scene: you’re finishing breakfast and you’re on your way to work, you press the screen of your Apple Watch and in a few seconds you find your Model S already on the street and the garage door closed…

But the developer Allen Wong has gone deeper into what his application already allowed, by moving all the functions to the Apple Watch so that you can now turn on the heating, open the boot and all the functions that could be done from the application, now also from the wrist. And what’s even more interesting, using Siri in the middle: “Hey Siri, get the car out of the garage”. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it’s already a reality, but within reach of a few pockets. Those who can afford a Model S.

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