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The mobile web version of Gmail, Angry Birds Space and Tumblr receive exciting updates


Angry Birds Space

Parece ser que los pájaros más conocidos de la tecnología, dejando de lado al de Twitter, se han vuelto rockeros, Angry Birds Space se actualiza incorporando un nuevo tema grabado por Slash , antiguo guitarrista del grupo Guns N’ Roses.

The mobile web version of Gmail, Angry Birds Space and Tumblr receive exciting updatesThe mobile web version of Gmail, Angry Birds Space and Tumblr receive exciting updates

Tras la reciente gratuidad del juego de Rovio, los pájaros han decidido hacer un hueco en su hermandad a un nuevo amigo, Slash, que además de colaborar en la banda sonora del videojuego con un nuevo tema inédito, tendrá su propio pájaro.

Para ver cómo luce este nuevo amigo rockero puedes descargarte la aplicación para iPad y iPhone desde la iTunes Store.

App Store
Round of updates of three big ones like Gmail, Tumblr and Angry Birds. The ones from Google have improved the look and feel and added some features to the mobile web version of their mail client. Tumblr has updated their iOS app with interesting improvements and Slash has created a song for Angry Birds Space and got in return a bird based on it that we can play with from iPad and iPhone.

It seems like all the big boys have agreed to upgrade their services at once. Both Gmail with the mobile version of its website and Tumblr and Angry Birds Space have released interesting updates in the last few hours.


Gmail has updated the look and feel of its mobile web version and the app offline of Chrome in which we’ll see a revamped interface , more minimalist, focusing on mail and improving the user experience. In addition, new features are incorporated, similar to those recently introduced in Google’s iOS applications.

The guys at Google have received good reviews of the stylistic renovation of their iOS applications so they have taken note of it and have made this change also extensive to their website, so that from any Gmail device it looks like on Apple devices. Finally, they have also improved the integration of the email service with Google’s calendar and searches.


Tumblr has launched a new version of its iOS application which incorporates large and numerous new features to manage our blog from our mobile or Apple tablet. Among these new features are the ability to interact with the application using gestures to make like in a post or to make changes to the avatar and a new interface for the camera.

Improvements to the application include:

  • The possibility of creating photo montages and sharing them on our blog.
  • A redesigned camera interface, where the process of taking photos and publishing them has been simplified.
  • Users can tap twice on the screen to make like or once to make changes to their avatar.
  • The application automatically obtains the titles of the URLs that have been copied or entered.

The application is available on the App Store from free of charge for both iPad and iPhone.

App Store