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The Mixcloud application for iPhone gets a big update

Mixcloud has finally given its iPhone application a thorough facelift, an update that was more than necessary after launching it in 2011 and not having received a single update. Now the application is agile and easy to understand, being able to keep up with what we are doing, manage our sessions, or discover new people to follow. A fantastic alternative to SoundCloud and other such services.

It’s about time, actually. I remember when I started to move through this kind of networks about music and DJ -I hope you follow my section about the subject- the first one that had hegemony was undoubtedly SoundCloud. It was something new that allowed us to share our new sounds with the world without having to upload the MP3s to servers and services of hosting .

The Mixcloud application for iPhone gets a big update
The Mixcloud application for iPhone gets a big update

Mixcloud can be the logical step for every DJ or electronic music lover. SoundCloud is very good, but it hasn’t bet on DJs but has kept everything a little bit: a new sound here, a singer-songwriter there… Unlike Mixcloud, which has built its network around DJs, it’s basically made for this: uploading and sharing the mixes .

Also Mixcloud has no upload limit -SoundCloud has a total time limit for free accounts- and has a different copyright system: when we upload a mix to Mixcloud you can tag using timestamps -tags at a particular time in the mix -songs that make up the mix , and Mixcloud gets a slice each time someone gives the song a buy.

Apart from those of us who upload material, Mixcloud is a great place to upload to other session generators such as other DJs or radio stations for example. The problem was in the mobile app: it was awful. Since it came out in June 2011 there was never any update, of course not adapted to Retina screens and even less to iPhone 5, it didn’t allow to do any management on your account, even less to follow someone and searches were working badly. Even the player was very difficult to use: you could only press play, neither forward nor backward.

It was a big disappointment because the service was great. With version 2.0 we closed the circle and now it’s almost all great. Of course the first improvement is the interface that looks perfect, it even has a detail that we commented of Google applications like Chrome or Google+, in which the upper and lower bars are hidden to give more importance to the content. It is divided by tabs, the first one the Feed where we can listen what we follow, Categories where we can explore the music logically by categories, Discover where we will discover new sounds based on what we have heard or what is being heard at that moment by the network.

Mixcloud (gratis)

our profile tab where we’ll see the basic information – trackers, tracking, uploaded, likes , history – and in the middle the player which has very cleverly become a tab we can pull out to reveal the playback controls. In addition we will always have the browser at the top wherever we are in the application.

Of course, notifications and sharing on various social networks could not be missing. This new application is also accompanied by a new website optimized for mobiles -iPhone or Android- that imitates the application and works the same or better than it. So if you like electronic music or you produce mixes because you’re a DJ, go ahead and download it.

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