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The measurements of the future iPad Pro are filtered

Due to the maelstrom of news and updates about the Apple Watch in recent weeks, produced in large part because of its launch in many countries around the world, we had even forgotten to the rumors that not many days ago told us about other Apple products that would be released in the near future and that would mean important news for the user.

One of these products or devices, is the and more than rumored iPad Pro 12 inches , which we again have news with a plan of the same rendering that tells us that supposedly will be measures that will have the future iPad and has been filtered by a website with enough experience in what refers to the leaks of new devices, the French nowhereelse.

The measurements of the future iPad Pro are filtered
The measurements of the future iPad Pro are filtered

The new iPad for more professional use by Apple would measure 305.70 millimetres long by 222.60 wide and 7.20 thick . These measurements would fit perfectly with the 12.9 inch screen size that has been talked about lately. Some more details that we can see in the images would be the situation of the speakers, since we would have both at the top and at the bottom, two speakers .

In addition to the data provided by these designs, rumours indicate that there is a possibility that, as with the new 12-inch MacBook, a USB-C connection will be included and perhaps a stylus will also be introduced with which to perform more professional-oriented tasks with this device .

Little or nothing is known about the specifications yet, although some voices suggest that Apple could repeat the processor and introduce the A8X that today also equips the iPad Air 2, or proceed to test in a more demanding device as it is supposed to be the iPad Pro, its new A9 or A9X chips.

In conclusion, we are already looking forward to more or less official news that can tell us clearly what new devices we will see on the market in 2015 , and what new ones they will present to us. It seems that an iPad intended for professional use is on the starting grid, although for now, all the news around it are only rumours .

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