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The map application, something not foreseen in the first iPhone

There is a lot of talk these days about the new mapping application launched by Apple for iOS 6 exactly 10 days ago and, to tell the truth, not because of its goodness. Today, a smartphone cannot be understood without a mapping application, something that was not so clear to Steve Jobs and his team in 2007, who decided to introduce the Maps application at the last minute in the first generation of the archaic phone.

We have been informing you for some time about the divorce that is taking place between the two greats of computer science: Apple and Google . In my opinion this is a very good break, as it would not be advisable in the long run for Cupertino’s people to be tied to their main rival. However, despite the fact that the agreement reached with the company led by Eric Schmidt meant that it did not offer Apple advanced features such as turn-by-turn , I think that perhaps Apple should have consumed the year of contract that united it with the big G company and not have launched such an application in diapers.

The map application, something not foreseen in the first iPhone
The map application, something not foreseen in the first iPhone

Yesterday Tim Cook, in a decision I think unprecedented, addressed the entire user community to apologize for the many bugs that flood the new mapping application . A letter in which he acknowledges that they have not been up to the task, an attitude that I find very applauding.

We all see the Maps application as something obvious, intrinsic to iOS, because it has always been there from the beginning, but this may not have been the case. Although you may not think so, including a mapping application in the original iPhone was a last minute decision , something that was not in the initial plan designed for the first smartphone of the Californian company.

Weeks before the event, Steve ordered two engineers to create a mapping application to show the touch screen capabilities of the new device , who within three weeks got it ready while he rushed to close a deal with Google to supply it with data. As the iPhone began to take hold of the public, in Cupertino were surprised by the popularity of the application and realized how important this type of service was going to be in the future.

MobileMe, Ping, and the mapping application have been major setbacks in Apple’s foray into the world of Internet-based services ; failures largely mitigated by the praise received by iCloud. After all, Apple has a lot at stake in this battle.

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