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The Magic Numpad, a touch-sensitive numeric keypad from Mobee

Many of us miss a number pad for our Mac. Mobee’s Magic Numpad allows us to turn our Magic Trackpad into this accessory, enabling it only when we need it. And it saves us from overloading our workspace and having to worry about running out of batteries.

Many users miss the Apple Wireless Keyboard because, although we can often find keyboards that do their job, they are just another element on the table that takes up space and requires batteries to operate.

The Magic Numpad, a touch-sensitive numeric keypad from Mobee
The Magic Numpad, a touch-sensitive numeric keypad from Mobee

Today we bring you an accessory to be able to have this numeric keyboard that some of us need, and that apart from not taking more space than our Magic Trackpad can occupy, it will allow us to perform other actions such as having additional keys to pass full pages or even having customizable keys thanks to its three adhesive sheets.

First impressions

The box has a very nice and elegant design , highlighting the image of the sticker in a softer touch that imitates the material of this, and with a brighter finish.

Just open the box and you will find under the lid the installation instructions and a branded logo pad that protects the three sheets included. Under these, we will find a flap that hides a cloth to clean the surface of the Magic Trackpad before installation, a card to remove air bubbles and a marker to write the customized keys next to the registration number we will need to activate the software .

Availability and prices

The Mobee Magic Numpad can be found in different online stores , some of them are Macnificos for 29,49 euros or Pixmania for 25,63 euros.

A simple installation

Installing the sheets is very easy . First of all, we must clean the surface of application well, since if there are any specks of dust left, they will cause plastic bubbles that cannot be removed (if not more, we will not be able to do so easily and even less completely).

Next, we must partially separate the protective plastic from the sheet we want to apply, and then align it with the trackpad and slowly remove it while pressing on the card provided in the box, to remove any air bubbles that may remain. Once this has been done, you’ll have the sheet perfectly positioned and ready to use in a couple of minutes , after installing the software .

Using the software

After downloading the software from Mobee’s website, we will have to register it with the key provided with the product card, and we will see how in the upper right area of the screen we will see the icon of a Trackpad, from which we will be able to access the application’s configuration. From there, we can select the sheet we want to use and customize the keys if they are available in the selected template.

In addition, to activate the mode numpad we must do it through this icon (or assigning its action to a combination or key on the keyboard). To get out of it, we just have to play on the drawing of the switch located on the upper corner of the template.

The white keys allow you to customize their function by assigning any key combination to them or even have them start a specific application (please note that all templates have a source key that is used to open the calculator).

Ease of use

Using the Mobee Magic Numpad is very easy , as you just have to activate it and start typing on its touch keys. Maybe the only problem I find is that I can’t activate it from the same button that is deactivated, since as I said before we must do it from the corresponding menu or the keyboard.



Without a doubt it is an accessory that fulfills its purpose to the maximum , providing us with that numeric keyboard that we don’t have at the same time that it doesn’t add any bump on our work, helping to maintain it free and orderly. The only inconvenience I have found is not being able to activate it by means of the touch button, something that is solved very quickly by means of a keyboard shortcut.