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The machine blogosphere is enriched


This week one of the last blogs about Apple born in the Hispanic blogosphere came out: FactorMac . In it, a great team of editors will accompany us to the great family of Hispanic blogs about Mac.

The machine blogosphere is enriched
The machine blogosphere is enriched


The components of the new blog are big fans of the Mac world for some time now, and we’ve seen them talking about Apple on their own personal blogs or commenting on others, such as Apple .

Today is a good day to talk about births in the blogosphere, and at the same time, to commemorate ours: Today, exactly 2 years ago, the first entry was published in Apple…

Two years later, the blogosphere has changed a lot , and the truth is that the feeling about it right now is unbeatable. It also has a curious phenomenon that enriches even more: many of the readers of the first blogs about Apple have created their own, and that ” feedback ” is always a good injection of life .

From Apple , we welcome FactorMac and all the new colleagues and friends who will travel with us the day by day in the Apple world. It is a very big world, and there is nothing better than to travel through it in good company… Welcome !

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