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The Mac Pro will not support Nvidia cards if Apple can prevent it

There’s a lot of excitement with Apple’s new Mac Pro, which has gone more than five years without a relatively major upgrade. If everything goes according to plan, we could see it by the end of 2019, or at least an approximation of what it could look like. The only thing we know for sure, since the company communicated it, is that it would be modular . This means that the user would be able to change internal parts as needed, just like on any other Windows PC.

Knowing that the Mac Pro will be Apple’s most powerful computer, it was most likely compatible with the best components on the market. In the field of graphics cards, Nvidia is unrivalled. They offer great power and performance, whether it’s for gaming or video and photo editing. The problem is that, despite being compatible with High Sierra macOS, they are no longer compatible with Mojave macOS . And that’s a problem.

The Mac Pro will not support Nvidia cards if Apple can prevent it
The Mac Pro will not support Nvidia cards if Apple can prevent it

The story between Apple and Nvidia is long , but that doesn’t mean it was good. As AppleInsider tells it well there’s a bit of a scuffle between them.

The first time a Mac used an Nvidia graphics card was the Power Macintosh G4 , which was released in January 2001 with the Nvidia GeForce2 MX. Until then I had always used ATI’s gracias cards, so the change was significant. Until 2003, I used one of the cards of one brand or another, and there were models in which I could choose any of them.

However, the problem came in 2004. For a long time, Apple had been marketing its own monitors, the well-known Cinema Displays that were the perfect complement to the desktops. The clash with Nvidia in that year had to do with the monitor, because the graphics card manufacturer couldn’t produce in time the GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL that would use the Cinema Display.

But he wasn’t the only one. In 2008 Apple had to admit that some of the MacBook Pro had defective Nvidia processors inside . After a legal battle between Intel and Nvidia that could endanger Apple’s new computers, Cupertino’s decided to look for an alternative.

Despite this, Nvidia continued to manufacture Mac-compatible graphics cards and processors , although Apple chose to use those from AMD. However, in 2017, with the arrival of High Sierra macOS, there were compatible models with drivers available on the manufacturer’s website.

No Nvidia graphics card is compatible with Mojave Macs (or the Mac Pro)

And now, in 2019, most of Nvidia’s graphics cards will not work with Apple computers. Only two seem to be compatible, the GeForce GTX 680 and Quadro K5000, but the problem is that they are somewhat old . It seems that Apple is to blame, as they don’t provide functional drivers for Mojave macOS.

Even in October 2018, Nvidia published a statement blaming Apple for the lack of drivers.

In this war in which Apple seems to be the only interested party, the victims are the users . For most people the performance offered by the included graphics cards will be enough, but those who need a little more power will have to look for another solution in Windows.