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The Mac Pro will be discontinued in Europe on March 1st (Updated)

El iMac como reemplazo del Mac Pro, ¿es una opción viable para un gran porcentaje de usuarios?

As mentioned in 9to5Mac, Apple will stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe as of March 1st . Watch out, the current model. All because of a regulation that will come into force the same day.

The Mac Pro will be discontinued in Europe on March 1st (Updated)
The Mac Pro will be discontinued in Europe on March 1st (Updated)

Apple has sent a letter to European resellers warning that they will not be able to sell any Mac Pro after that day, although they will be able to place any orders that were pending until February 18th. And indicating the regulation by which it cannot be sold, UL 60950-1, Second Edition

This measure only affects the European market, in the rest of the countries like the United States will continue to be sold in a normal way. Therefore, this does not mean that Apple will discontinue the Mac Pro, although it is true that it has somewhat forgotten about it.

Anyway, being positive or rather dreamers, perhaps this will bring us that much desired renewal of the Mac Pro for the month of March. Because iMacs have been getting better and better with the latest versions, but the modularity of a Mac Pro is irreplaceable.

We will see if Tim Cook’s words about this really great product they are working on materialize and above all satisfy the professionals who require a team with such features.

Update: MacWorld UK indicates that the new regulation requires an increase in the safety of electrical connections as well as protection in fans . And although Apple claims that your computer is safe, the fans have no protection so we could touch the blades of your computer.

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