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The Mac Pro ships in 3-5 weeks from the Apple Store

Although not yet sold in physical stores, and still delivered by eyedropper to the Apple Store online , the new Mac Pro is improving its delivery times since its launch in December last year. Now we can get one and wait three to five weeks for it to arrive home .

Previously we had to wait up to 6 weeks, but it seems that the shipping times are stabilizing little by little, as the demand decreases and the plant where it is built in the USA can increase its production level .

The Mac Pro ships in 3-5 weeks from the Apple Store
The Mac Pro ships in 3-5 weeks from the Apple Store

The problem is that the fact that Apple is not able to meet the demand, makes companies move from buying a Mac Pro to PC workstations . When you set up a studio or a company you have to buy a computer with what is on the market, and not everyone can wait months to get one.

When it comes to upgrading your company’s equipment, you can expect a month or so, but that’s not important if you want to continue working with workstations as powerful as the Mac Pro. Remember that the Mac Pro is much cheaper than the equivalent PC workstation , which is much uglier, and in many cases doesn’t come with SSD storage as standard.

This is the first Mac Pro to abandon the tower design, and the first professional computer in the world to abandon the tower format , leaving everything to a minimalist and elegant black cylinder, which to top it off has quite interesting expansion capabilities for its theoretically closed design.

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