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The Mac Pro and the iMac are alive! Official Apple News

In a meeting with several American reporters such as BuzzFeed, Daring Fireball, TechCrunch and Mashable, Apple has reaffirmed its commitment to the Mac Pro . The company has revealed its plans for the professional Mac lineup, which includes both the Mac Pro and iMac. But for now, we’ll have to wait.

The very good news

As you can read in Daring Fireball, Apple is “working hard” to design a new Mac Pro completely from scratch. It’s not a rumor. It is a reality . The design would follow a modular scheme, with top-of-the-line CPUs and GPUs that can be replaced by the user in the future. Apple has also confirmed to be working on own displays for this machine, under Apple brand and not from a third party.

The Mac Pro and the iMac are alive! Official Apple News
The Mac Pro and the iMac are alive! Official Apple News

Cupertino’s company also said it is working to launch new iMac “this year. With special emphasis on models designed for broad professional sectors. The announcement is especially relevant given that many users have been waiting for hardware upgrades to the more powerful models for several years. For example, the Mac Pro recently passed the 1200 day mark without receiving a significant upgrade.

The not so good

Despite the good news, we’re going to have to wait to see that completely redesigned Mac Pro and the new iMac. In the case of iMac, its launch date is set for this year. We can infer that it could be this WWDC or already at an event in October. But in the case of the Mac Pro, we’ll have to wait until next year . This is not good news, but at least we have official confirmation that Apple is working to meet the needs of its most professional customers.

To help defuse the situation, Apple has made a mini component upgrade to the current generation of the Mac Pro. They look like this:

  • Model with six-core Intel Xeon E5 and two AMD FirePro D500 GPUs.
  • Model with Intel Xeon E5 eight-core and two AMD FirePro D700 GPUs.

The price of each model starts at 3,449 euros and 4,649 euros respectively, VAT included. In addition, the Mac Pro comes in custom configurations where you can increase the number of cores to 12, with up to 64GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage. The price of a complete computer (with mouse and keyboard) is more than ?10,000.

It is not a big update, but at least there is something “real” to substantiate Apple’s promises . Although knowing that new developments and a new design are coming, those who can afford to wait will prefer to do so. You can check out the full specifications here.

“Damage Control”

Apple has acknowledged to this group of journalists and communicators that its intention was to appease the company’s most professional users. Specifically, Phil Schiller said about the doubts of this type of users and Apple’s commitment to the Mac :

No, Apple no licenciará macOS, pero… ¿y si el futuro del desarrollo para iOS pasa por Windows?

This interview can be read as Apple wants to regain the interest and attention of the most demanding users. To make them see that there are new developments with respect to the Mac Pro and iMac, but that they will have to wait to receive them . With it, the company has broken an unwritten rule about not talking about products that can’t be delivered imminently.

Apple has decided to communicate its plans to this sector , without giving specific details beyond the small update of the current line of Mac Pro. According to John Gruber, something must have gone very wrong with the design of the current Mac Pro and Apple has been slow to react with the right speed. In any case, this is good news. The Mac Pro lives.

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