The Mac for gamers could arrive in 2020

Something we’ve repeated ad nauseam is that Macs are not meant to run video games being a more professional computer focused on video and photo editing. But it seems that Apple wants to change its strategy in this 2020 as the Economic Daily News points out that a Mac ‘gamer’ will be presented at the developers’ conference this new year. But the truth is that there are many doubts about this new rumor.

This report doesn’t give too many details, but it seems that Apple would bet on either a laptop with a big screen or a desktop computer. With this information we think that we are referring to a MacBook Pro or an iMac Pro since the price could be as high as $5,000 s which is certainly a figure that will hurt many users to pay.

The Mac for gamers could arrive in 2020
The Mac for gamers could arrive in 2020

Currently there is an important growth of eSports and that is why Apple would study to have presence in this sector with a gamer equipment but the truth is that this report has not been endorsed by other media. Right now Windows undoubtedly leads the videogame sector as many people are betting on setting up their own computers. A very important factor in videogames is that the computers must be able to be updated , both the RAM and the graphics card and even the storage. With the passing of time, videogames evolve and require better hardware and Apple should think about this aspect.

In addition, Apple should also encourage developers to start working with macOS . Right now we find very few video games that are compatible with the operating system of Apple computers and just go to Steam to check. This will have to change completely and the most important studios will have to reinforce their staff to develop on an extra platform. This will require support from Apple especially at the beginning since no one is going to buy a gamer if there is not a large enough catalog of games.

The price will also be an aspect to take into account since right now for 1000 euros you can build a good computer that works with Windows. If the rumors point out that the price of the Mac ‘gamer’ from Apple will be 5,000 dollars there will be a severe problem because in this case we should ask ourselves what equipment is worthwhile.

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