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The Mac begins to be designed on paper


Jeff Raskin, one of the geniuses behind the (now defunct) Mac, embarked in 1979 on the creation of a computer that was truly easy to use. A computer that was truly a ” all-in-one “, take out of the box and use it by having everything you need built in. I wanted something more advanced than the Apple ][ of the time (and the rest of the computers that were around then).

The Mac begins to be designed on paper
The Mac begins to be designed on paper

The concept Raskin had in mind was a computer that would include a storage system, a screen, a keyboard and graphics (all integrated, absotively revolutionary if we think it was 1979), lightweight, portable and with an optional printer available as part of the machine.

The computer should be so simple that the manual should not be needed to use it. Jeff Raskin referred to this new computer concept as PITS (” Person In The Street “, “Person In The Street” referring to its ease), although in closed circles he already referred to his idea as . Macintosh .

Just like yesterday, May 29th, but from 1979, the first official Apple document was created with the specifications of the future Macintosh… and the rest you already know, “1984 was not like 1984″…

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