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The Mac App Store could appear on December 13

[Especial Mac OS X 10.7] La app store llega a Mac OS X ¿Debemos echarnos a temblar?

It seems that the next few weeks we will have to be more attentive than it seems to the Apple website and that is that according to the latest rumors coming in about the App Store, the Mac OS X application store could be available as soon as next Monday, December 13th .

The Mac App Store could appear on December 13
The Mac App Store could appear on December 13

Surprised? According to the source of the news, Apple itself had contacted the developers to have the applications ready for today Monday, December 6th so that Apple would have 7 days to perform basic functional tests and launch a first beta version of the store as soon as the following Monday.

It’s clear that Apple already has a good experience setting up stores so it’s normal that they want to launch the App Store before the Christmas period even though the number of applications that will be in the store is unknown. Let’s hope that they don’t anticipate and give a bad image of the store with a reduced number of options.

On the other hand, another news that has been known is that Apple has put as a rule the prohibition of adding any application that is not complete, that is, neither demos, trials, nor beta versions of the applications are allowed.

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