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The low cost iPhone could be surprisingly cheap and have Dual SIM

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The low cost iPhone could be surprisingly cheap and have Dual SIM
The low cost iPhone could be surprisingly cheap and have Dual SIM

Less than half a year after the September keynote, speculation on the 2018 iPhone has skyrocketed . A few hours ago we discovered both good and bad news about their prices, but it was Ming-Chi Kuo who ventured to have the last word.

Be aware that he is not just anyone, but the most well-connected expert in the iPhone production chain , so everything he says deserves to be heard.

So when Kuo claims that a 2018 iPhone with a 6.2-inch diagonal screen could cost between $550 and $650, you have to consider it. And more if his words come to mean that the low cost iPhone will be 100 euros cheaper than had been speculated .

And here the good news doesn’t end, the analyst of KGI Securities assures that Apple will launch two versions of this model: one with a SIM slot as always and another dual SIM , one of the most desired aspirations of iOS users.

Kuo’s note ensures the following

Although Kuo has a long history of success, that Dual SIM must be taken with tweezers , Apple has never done it and honestly, do not think it will materialize.

In any case, this is good news for a sector whose prices have skyrocketed. Who could resist a recently released $550 iPhone?

And watch out, because this would not be the cheapest iPhone of 2018, since yesterday the Eurasian Commission granted Apple permission to launch new models in May or June, that is, imminently. It seems that the iPhone SE 2 will finally see the light

The original iPhone SE was introduced in 2016 at a price of $400 during the month of March. Apple disappointed us a little bit with their education event last March 27th, but they could make up for it with this launch just for the sake of it. In theory, this revamped iPhone SE 2 would cost $450 and would incorporate features such as wireless charging and a faster chip.

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