The Lost Fountain en App Store

Discover the amazing secrets hidden in the mysterious lost island that holds the mythical fountain of eternal youth, explore this beautiful and stunning place while solving the mysteries of an ancient lost civilization, in the best adventure game available for mobile devices.


The Lost Fountain en App Store
The Lost Fountain en App Store

You grew up listening to the stories of your father, the renowned and famous archeologist Karl Freeman, to whom many important archeological discoveries are attributed, however you never met him as he disappeared on the last of his expeditions while he was searching for the origin of the legend of a mythical and mysterious source with wonderful healing powers for the sick, the one we know today as the source of Eternal Youth.

Now that you are a young man, an immense curiosity overwhelms you and makes you wonder what could have happened, in that expedition, you can feel the call of your ancestor who invites you to investigate.
Equipped only with your grandfather’s mapping plans you decide to venture out & set off on an uncertain but wonderful journey in search of your father.


-Amazing & attractive graphics.

-A deep & compelling story.

-Hours of addictive entertainment.
-Funny, innovative and ingenious puzzles.

-Hundreds of different environments to discover & explore

-An interactive, original & unique story.
-Excellent game design, levels & puzzles.

-High-resolution graphics optimized for next-generation devices.

– Multiple languages, auto-save and much more…

– Also expect new game modes & features in the free updates.

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