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The Lost Apple XXIII, in search of the week’s forgotten news

Apple Conference Call

HTC dice que su acuerdo con Apple les permitirá crear productos mejores

En unas recientes declaraciones del CEO de HTC, afirma que gracias al acuerdo al que llegaron las dos compañias hace unas semanas, durante este 2013 HTC podrá hacer productos mejores y de mayor calidad . Esto es comprensible teniendo en cuenta que ahora los asiáticos podrán usar las patentes de Apple libremente para diseñar y hacer funcionar sus productos, aportando así la calidad que ofrece un producto de Apple a los terminales de HTC. Personalmente creo que Steve se estará revolviendo en su tumba con estas cosas, pero bueno, ahora es Tim Cook el que manda.

El iPad sigue siendo el rey en cuanto a tráfico web con un 87%

The Lost Apple XXIII, in search of the week’s forgotten newsThe Lost Apple XXIII, in search of the week’s forgotten news

Según los últimos datos el iPad domina en cuanto a tableta preferida para navegar por Internet . Por muchas tabletas que venda la competencia y por mucho Android que haya en el mercado, al final lo que manda es el uso que le damos a dichos dispositivos. Y si las estadísticas nos muestran que el iPad domina el tráfico de Internet de las tabletas con un 87% la cosa está más que clara, el iPad es el rey indiscutiblemente.

We return for one more week in The Lost Apple in which, as usual, we are going to collect the news we have left behind over the last seven days. In this installment, we’ll see what advantage Samsung plans to achieve over Apple, the latest event Apple has announced, statements from HTC, how thieves prefer iPads to Microsoft products and iPad traffic on the web. All this, coming up next!

Since it would be impossible for us in Applesupportphonenumber to accommodate all the news that passes through our hands, we return once again – albeit with some delay – to the lost apple with the intention of recovering and briefly commenting on those news that have remained in the inkwell throughout the week. We begin!

Samsung plans to extend its lead over Apple by 35% on smartphones this year

Samsung is starting 2013 in a very optimistic way and is already making statistics and forecasts for this year. Apparently, they hope to increase their advantage over Apple in terms of sales of smartphones by 37%. No doubt, it’s a pretty high percentage, but considering that they sell about 5 different phones a year and that the android mass in the world today is immense, this data seems to me to be quite normal. Apple cannot compete in terms of quantity, but they can compete in quality, and there, whether we like it or not, they are clear winners.

Apple announces event for first fiscal quarter financial results

Apple announced on Wednesday that it will release the results of the first fiscal quarter 2013 on January 23rd , which will be followed by a conference call. Initial statistics for the holiday season are expected to be covered, as well as performance numbers for the mini iPad. The announcement was made on Apple’s official website. For the next report, Apple forecasts revenue of $52 billion and diluted earnings per share of about $11.75. No doubt impressive numbers that once again show us the great economic power that Apple has.


Ironies of life, Microsoft offices steal 5 iPads

We ended the week with at least one curious piece of news. Apparently, a thief who broke into the Microsoft offices in Palo Alto decided by his own criteria that the only thing of value there were five iPads in the Palo Alto boys’ offices. According to the report made to the police no Microsoft products have been reported stolen , only five iPads were in that office. It’s funny that even the thieves know that the quality is nowhere to be found in Palo Alto, but is in Cupertino.

And that’s it for another week. Did you like or were you surprised by any news? Remember that you can leave your opinion through a comment. We’ll be back next Sunday in the lost apple with a full battery and a good bunch of news. Don’t miss it!

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