The Lost Apple XVI, in search of the week’s forgotten news

We return to our Sunday section in which we review the current events of the bitten apple throughout the week. This week we’ll play songs like Passbook, the AppleCare in Italy or the sale of iPad in China, as well as Genius Bar and iOS, and of course, Samsung. All this and much more will follow in The Lost Apple.

Since it would be impossible for us in Applesupportphonenumber to accommodate all the news that passes through our hands, we return once again in the lost apple with the intention of recovering and briefly commenting on those news that have remained in the inkwell throughout the week. We begin!

Apple discontinues selling AppleCare in Italy

The Lost Apple XVI, in search of the week’s forgotten news
The Lost Apple XVI, in search of the week’s forgotten news

We started the week by discussing AppleCare’s warranty service for Apple products. It appears that AppleCare has been withdrawn from Italy due to various issues with local laws. The service offered a one-year warranty, but two years of warranty were required for consumer protection . Apple has already been threatened by this and recently had to pay a million-dollar fine for the same reason. It seems that the decision taken has been to withdraw the service from all physical and online stores , as well as from Apple Retail stores.

Palo Alto’s Apple Store is poorly designed acoustically and generates a lot of noise inside

The Apple Store in Palo Alto is for me one of the most beautiful stores Apple has ever built. Being completely made of glass, it shows a different, attractive and outstanding design. But according to sources, Palo Alto’s Apple Store design is not the most suitable for sound. The Apple Store has several design flaws that result in poor acoustics. This means that the sound problems are more than obvious and that a lot of noise is generated inside the store. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as the user experience in an Apple Store is often great.

iOS 6.1 Developer Beta 2 released

During this week the second iOS 6.1 beta for developers has been released. It brings few new features, among them a new card in Passbook to explain how it works, the panoramic support is back and now we can download the songs from iTunes Match individually. Personally I expected improvements in the battery consumption and some new features, but it hasn’t been like that. Now it’s time to wait for iOS 6.1 to be released for all users, which hopefully will be soon.

Apple now asks us if we have rebooted the iPhone before making an appointment with the Genius Bar

One of the services I like best about Apple is the Genius Bar, the service where a technician helps us fix our Apple product. From now on, when we go to make an appointment at the Genius Bar, he will suggest us to reboot the iPhone first of all because many times the problem can be fixed by rebooting the device. This measure, although it seems silly, can save thousands and thousands of hours of work to the guys at the Genius Bar because many problems are solved by rebooting the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Samsung will finally not increase the cost of components manufactured to Apple by 20%

We all know that Apple and Samsung don’t get along, but we also know that Samsung makes some of Apple’s products, even though it’s the competition. There have been many rumours in recent days that Samsung could increase the price of the products it manufactures for Apple by 20%. But in the end this has not been the case, the price of Apple products manufactured by Samsung will remain the same . This would have influenced the final price of the iPhone or iPad possibly, but for now we can breathe easy.

iPad sales in China increase 80% after name dispute

One of the disputes Apple had pending was with the Chinese company Proview that had registered the name of the iPad a couple of years ago. The company in question asked Apple for up to 400 million dollars, and the sale of the iPad in China was banned. Finally Apple offered Proview 60 million dollars in exchange for ownership of the name. This dispute over the name of the iPad has reportedly doubled the demand for the iPad in China. It’s funny how the market reacts to disputes between companies, isn’t it?

And that’s it for another week. Did you like or were you surprised by any news? Remember that you can leave your opinion through a comment. We’ll be back next Sunday in the lost apple with a full battery and a good bunch of news. Don’t miss it!

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