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The Lost Apple XIV, in search of the week’s forgotten news

We return to our Sunday section in which we review the current events of the bitten apple throughout the week. This week we found out that the new iPad charger charges much faster, that the emoji icon apps are starting to run out. On the other hand we already have Path for iPad and very soon a renewed Evernote in the App Store. All this and much more will follow in The Lost Apple.

Since it would be impossible for us in Applesupportphonenumber to accommodate all the news that passes through our hands, we return once again in the lost apple with the intention of recovering and briefly commenting on those news that have remained in the inkwell throughout the week. We begin!

We will also have completely renovated Evernote for iOS

The Lost Apple XIV, in search of the week’s forgotten news
The Lost Apple XIV, in search of the week’s forgotten news

We start the week with updates for iOS, rather with the promise of a next update, namely Evernote. During this week we learned that there is a new beta version of Evernote for OS X, well, not only that, but we are already working on a completely revamped version for iOS. As you can see in the video, this new version looks amazing. Besides being free it will be available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini.

New US law allows iPhone to be legally jailbroken, but not the iPad

The jailbreak is a hotly debated topic in the Apple world, and that is indisputable -long live the redundancy-. But today we are not going to talk about if it is good or bad the jailbreak , about if it is worth doing it or not, today’s news comes from Arstechnica and it is that in the USA it is legal to do the jailbreak to the iPhone . As for the tablets the thing is not so clear, so for now it will remain illegal to perform jailbreak to our iPad if we live in the USA . I personally believe that each person is free to do what they want with the product they buy from a company, I don’t use jailbreak , but I think I have the total freedom to do it to my iPhone or iPad if necessary.

12W charger allows you to charge your iPad up to 45 minutes faster

During this week we learned that the new 12W charger allows slightly faster charges than its predecessor, the 10W charger. The curiosity comes when it comes to charging the iPad – which needs a huge amount of charging time – now, with the new charger , 45 minutes of the charging time is reduced. The new 12W charger works perfectly with all iOS devices that require a Dock or MiniDock connector. The change is minimal, as only 2W more have been added, but the difference is still noticeable and most importantly appreciated.

Apple releases minor updates to iPhoto, Aperture and Safari

Quietly this week we received a small update for some programs of the Apple software , specifically for iPhoto, Safari and Aperture. This update comes with the release of iOS 6.0.1 for the masses and iOS 6.1 for the developers. For Safari the changes are minimal, just a couple of patches. In iPhoto and Aperture, we have many improvements, especially in photo and gallery sharing options and stability improvements.

Path gets to the iPad by making the most of its screen

Finally! We finally got Path for iPad, and it’s about time. Path is the social network that was born on the iPhone and thanks to its design and the multitude of features it offers, it has become a social network that is gaining ground and positioning itself. Personally, it was one of the applications that I missed the most on my iPad -apart from WhatsApp, which I don’t lose hope of one day reaching the iPad-, I didn’t see the reason why such a great application wasn’t available for the iPad. But that’s over, we now have Path for iPad available in the App Store for free, and I assure you, it looks great.

Apple is removing emoji icon apps from the App Store

Remember when we had to download a app in order to use the -unbearable- Emoji emoticons? Until the day Apple decided to integrate these emoticons as another keyboard in iOS 5, and now we just have to add the keyboard from the Settings menu. With this move by Apple the applications that promised Emoji emoticons in our iOS device are now meaningless in the App Store . It seems that Apple has realized this and is already starting to remove applications that offer these emoticons. I see it as logical and it’s no use having hundreds of apps that offer the same and not only the same, but also offer something that I already have in my terminal and it doesn’t make sense to install again.

Apple apologizes again to Samsung in the English newspapers, but in a much more correct way

There is no week in which we do not remember Samsung in the world of Apple and this week could not be less. Recently Apple lost a trial against Samsung and had to publicly apologize, and it did, but not in the most appropriate way. The judge has ruled that he must apologize again in a clear and concise manner. The new apology must be in the UK newspapers and in Arial font and size 14 minimum. A rather curious and yet funny news to end the week.

And that’s it for another week. Did you like or were you surprised by any news? Remember that you can leave your opinion through a comment. We’ll be back next Sunday in the lost apple with a full battery and a good bunch of news. Don’t miss it!

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