The Lost Apple XII, in search of the week’s forgotten news

Welcome to The Lost Apple for another week. As usual, we’re going to collect the news we’ve missed over the last seven days. In this article, among other news we will see how Apple starts to extend the use of Passbook, what seems to be the alpha version of Google Maps for iOS or the way to learn physics thanks to Angry Birds, don’t miss it!

Since it would be impossible for us in Applesupportphonenumber to accommodate all the news that passes through our hands, we return once again in the lost apple with the intention of recovering and briefly commenting on those news that have remained in the inkwell throughout the week. We begin!

Apple may start accepting payments via Passbook in its physical stores

The Lost Apple XII, in search of the week’s forgotten news
The Lost Apple XII, in search of the week’s forgotten news

After all the controversy around the NFC and its absence in the new iPhone 5, Apple has not wanted to rest on its laurels by firmly betting on Passbook. Thus, the Apple Stores are being prepared to receive payments through its already famous virtual wallet.

This improvement, will come thanks to an upgrade of the EasyPay system managed by your employees in the stores retail . This update will allow the capture of payment codes for those iPhone or iPod users who wish to do so.

Currently, there is already the possibility of making purchases from our iTunes accounts using the iOs App Store application, with the exception that it has a limit for gift cards; from now on, we will not be prevented from purchasing our iDevice from iOS 6.

Screenshots from the alpha version of Google Maps for iOS are filtered

One of the issues that has caused more commotion since iOS 6 was introduced, has undoubtedly been the inclusion of Maps to the detriment of the application of the same name that until now was provided by Google. For some time now, there have been rumors even about the possibility of a new map service from the Mountain View-based company appearing on the App Store.

Such conjectures now seem to be gaining weight, in view of some filtered images that would correspond to what seems to be the alpha version of Google Maps for iOS. This would confirm the following features:

  • Vector-based maps.
  • Two-finger rotation at any angle.
  • Great speed.
  • Interface adapted to the 4-inch screen of iPhone 5.

Angry Birds Playground, teaching physics to children

Rovio , creator of the prolific and very famous Angry Birds saga, has reached an agreement with the European Organization for Nuclear Research with the intention of bringing physics closer to children.

As a result of this marriage, Angry Birds Playground has been born, which will try to bring a matter as thick as physics to the little ones, in the most enjoyable and attractive way possible. As Peter Vesterbacka, creator of the game, explained:

Felix Baumgartner and his black MacBook

Until a few days ago, Felix Baumgartner was a complete stranger to many of us. After free-falling from a height of 39,068 metres and becoming the first person to exceed the speed of sound without being in a vehicle – reaching 1,342.8 kilometres per hour – he has become a celebrity.

What does he paint in Applesupportphonenumber? Although it’s still an anecdote, in one of the most eye-catching snapshots of the World Wide Web we can see the Austrian using a MacBook in the Red Bull Stratos mission control centre moments before he jumps. Think Different taken to the extreme.

Apple activates shared reminders on

Mountain Lion users have been able to share reminders with other users since the operating system was released but from now on, users will also be able to do so even when they are not in front of their Mac.

This new functionality has been added in the recent update of the iCloud Reminders application. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access our account
  2. Go to Reminders
  3. When you move the cursor to Reminders on the left side of the screen, a wireless network icon will appear. Click it.
  4. A pop-up window will open asking us to enter the email address we want to share with.

Apple recruits an Amazon engineer for its Siri team

As we learned this week, Apple has added William Stasior to its staff to lead the Siri search team.

Stasior, who until now held the position of director of Amazon’s A9 division, is an expert in searches; proof of this is his curriculum vitae which includes companies of the calibre of Oracle, Netcentives and Altavista. His vast experience is sure to have a positive impact on future reviews by Apple’s famous voice assistant.

Apple may be waiting to release the iOS 6 user guide until the launch of the iPad Mini

Every time Apple launches a new operating system or a new product, it publishes its corresponding user manual in digital format. When the new iPad saw the light of day on March 15th, it published its guide and with the iPhone 5, it did the same.

As of today, all guides are updated, except the one for the iPad. Many users have wondered how it is possible that one month after the release of iOS 6, its manual is still intact. The reason, most probably, is that in Cupertino they are waiting for the keynote of the next 23rd to do so.

Another possibility would be that the future iPad mini is accompanied by a version after iOS 6 and that publishing it in advance could reveal too much. Be that as it may, we can only wait for what happens at the San José Theatre next Tuesday.

And that’s it for another week. Did you like or were you surprised by any news? Remember that you can leave your opinion through a comment. We’ll be back next Sunday on the lost apple with our batteries charged and a good bunch of news. Don’t miss it!

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