The Lost Apple V, in search of the week’s forgotten news

We would like nothing more than to be able to delve into each and every Apple-related news item, but for obvious reasons it is impossible for us. Even so, every Sunday we will try to rescue the most interesting ones from the lost apple and dedicate a few lines to them. This week we bring you news about the Kindle update for iOS, more news about the disputes between Samsung and Apple, promises of new programs and updates and we will see some more news about everything that revolves around Apple.

Since it would be impossible for us in Applesupportphonenumber to accommodate all the news that passes through our hands, we return once again in the lost apple with the intention of recovering and briefly commenting on those news that have remained in the inkwell throughout the week. We begin!

Kindle for iOS upgrades

The Lost Apple V, in search of the week’s forgotten news
The Lost Apple V, in search of the week’s forgotten news

The official, universal Kindle iOS application was updated this week , offering numerous improvements and new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app adds three new iPad themes thanks to its adjustable margins. Brightness adjustment is improved and a new area is added where all the bookmarks are for easy access. On the right side of the screen we see that we can access the books purchased from our Amazon account as if it were a Kindle.

Thanks to the Amazon service Wispersync Kindle that allows us to synchronize all our registered devices with our Amazon account we have the possibility to immediately download new books purchased at the Amazon store directly to our iPad, iPod or iPhone. In addition, this service offers us the possibility to save our bookmarks, notes and last read page, to synchronize them in any device where we use our Amazon account.

Adobe to make CS6 compatible with Retina screens this fall

This week, in Adobe’s official blog, we found some very nice news. The guys at Adobe have decided to release a new version of Adobe CS6 this fall to make it compatible with the new Retina screens of the MacBook Pro. They claim to be aware that the creative professional needs to experience the highest quality in creation and so have decided to update their CS6 to improve the user experience on devices with HiDPI displays.

They say they need to test and experiment each product separately before launching it in this new resolution, so they ask for patience as it takes time and a lot of work. The products they want to upgrade are the following: Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Touch, Prelude, Adobe Premiere Pro and Speedgrade. Each product will be released separately once it is finished.

Unibox, a new mail client is under development as an alternative to Sparrow

And we continue with more promises of new programs for these months. This time it’s a new alternative to the native OS X mail client . Philipp Seibel from Eightloops lets us know that his company is working on a new way to view email on OS X. The customer will have a very nice and simple interface in his favor. Philipp explains that on the left we will find the list of contacts and on the right the messages. Each message thread will be displayed as a chat – something very similar to OS X’s iMessage.

Seibel is not willing to show us screenshots of what will be Unibox, but the company has made available a page to follow the development of the mail client . If we subscribe via email we will be notified when the application is available. It is expected to be released this winter.

Apple gives employees 50GB of iCloud storage

Being an Apple worker is a luxury. And not just because of the exclusivity of belonging to the most valuable company in the world or because of the treatment you receive. As it turns out, this week Apple employees received 50GB of iCloud storage . Apple’s cloud storage service offers all users 5GB free of charge and can be upgraded for a fee. However, as an Apple employee these 5 GB are extended to 50 GB, which is equivalent to the rate of $100 per year.

This year the employees of the apple also received significant discounts on the purchase of Apple products. For example, they were offered a discount of 500 euros on all Apple computers except the Mac Mini. They were also offered 250 euros for the purchase of an iPad. And recently the discount was applied to the new MacBook Pro with a Retina display. There’s no doubt that being an Apple employee is an advantage.

Samsung is ready to strike back at Apple

After losing the trial against Apple, the Korean company is not willing to give up. Just this week they announced that they are making important agreements with the main telephone companies in the United States to deal with Apple’s patents and to achieve a better development of LTE technology. Samsung wants to improve this technology and be the owner of its patents, so as to stop having legal problems in the United States and have the possibility of denouncing Apple if it uses such technology.

On the other hand, Samsung is also moving towards Microsoft, thus leaving aside Google and its Android system, which is giving it so much joy and sorrow. In addition, the company will appeal the decision taken by the judges in last week’s trial to defend its products. Samsung does not want to lose the important market share it has in the United States , even if Apple does not make it easy for it.

Samsung’s CEO seems to be driving a stolen Ferrari

Finally, we bring you some news that is at the very least curious. With the one that is falling to Samsung because of the patents now comes to light that Samsung’s CEO, Kun Hee Lee, Samsung’s CEO, has in his property a classic Ferrari supposedly stolen . The Ferrari in question, a 330 LMB, belongs to a very exclusive range, only four were manufactured and each is worth 15 million dollars. As there are only four of them in the whole planet it is very easy to find them and according to a copy of the police report filed in DeKalb County, Georgia, the car was stolen from Donald Fong’s shop, in March 1977 .

I don’t think the victim of the robbery is going to get his Ferrari back, as it will be quite difficult to take away one of the most powerful people in South Korea’s history, his favorite toy. We could make the typical joke that at Samsung they not only steal ideas and patents, but also cars, but let’s be consistent, the Samsung CEO has enough money to buy all four Ferraris together, so I don’t believe that he obtained the car illegally – even though he knows how they are at Samsung.

And that’s it for another week. Did you like or were you surprised by any news? Remember that you can leave your opinion through a comment. We’ll be back next Sunday in the lost apple with a full battery and a good bunch of news. Don’t miss it!

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