The Logitech Crayon and Rugged Combo 2 will be sold in the U.S. only

At Apple’s educational event on March 27, in addition to getting to know the new iPad 2018, the Californians presented new accessories from Logitech, specifically the Crayon and the Rugged Combo 2 at a very interesting price.

If you’re waiting to buy any of the new Logitech accessories, we have some bad news. will only be sold in the United States through the education channel. So for the time being (and it seems to be a final decision), it won’t be coming to Europe or other countries outside of the United States.

The Logitech Crayon and Rugged Combo 2 will be sold in the U.S. only
The Logitech Crayon and Rugged Combo 2 will be sold in the U.S. only

At Apple5x1, we’ve been given access to information about new Logitech products, which cannot be purchased at any store other than an Apple Store through the education sector , as these are products that are exclusive to this sector.

Logitech Crayon for the new iPad

The new Logitech Crayon is designed for the new 6th generation iPad (2018), where it offers the possibility of writing on the screen in a natural way. It has a child-friendly design, made of aluminium and is capable of running for 30 minutes with only 1.5 minutes of charge.

The total duration, amounts to 8 hours of use . Unlike the Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon offers the advantage of charging it using the iPad’s own charger, without the use of adapters, and offering protection at the Lightning entrance.

The price is really competitive, 49 dollars for a really precise pencil, without any “lag” and offering a natural writing.

Logitech Rugged Combo 2

This Logitech keyboard case, is really interesting for several reasons, including its robustness, resistance to water splashes, pairing by a Smart Connector own and some very useful quick-action keys.

The Rugged Combo 2 , has 4 use positions to provide a more enjoyable experience when writing or viewing content. The modes it offers are: Writing, viewing, notebook and travel. All with superior protection to prevent damage in the event of an accidental fall.

The keyboard can be separated from the case and we don’t have to worry about where to leave the Crayon, since the case itself incorporates a specific holder for it, similar to the Slim Combo but with a price of $99 .

Both the Crayon and the Rugged Combo 2 , are accessories to be considered for their performance and prices. But since we are ahead of you exclusively, it will only be sold in the Apple Stores of United States through the educational channel.

What do you think of the new Logitech accessories?

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