The Lightning Cable on your iPhone can charge a Nintendo 3DS

The cable problem is common to all technology users , but if we hurry, the users who suffer most from this problem are those at Apple. Well, with the standard connector that only the company uses, we always need one more “cable for…”. Something that is often quite annoying.

Not to mention those of us with a Nintendo system , yes, they have their own charging cable as well. We can all cry together while burning the cables in the fireplace, and feel a brief relief – just before we buy three more new cables.

The Lightning Cable on your iPhone can charge a Nintendo 3DS
The Lightning Cable on your iPhone can charge a Nintendo 3DS

Don’t you hate having to carry a lot of cables when you go on a trip? There’s a small adapter that can help make your Nintendo 3DS compatible with Lightning, allowing you to charge it with the iPhone cable.

Unlike Sony, which uses micro-USB connectors on its Vita PS, Nintendo insists on continuing to use its own connector. That means we’ll have to worry about one more cable to recharge our Nintendo 3DS. Also, Nintendo cables are sold separately and cost around £8, so if you break them it won’t be so easy to buy them elsewhere.

Don’t worry! You can eliminate this problem with this adapter released by Gametech Direct, which allows you to charge your 3DS using any of the Lightning Cables you have at home – if you lose one on the road from a companion or family member who accompanies you.

It’s very small, barely takes up any space, so it’s quite comfortable to carry on a trip – not nearly as big as a cable. If you’re worried about losing it, you can put it on your key ring – the perfect item!

We can certainly thank Gametech Direct for saving us a cable, which is normally hard to find.

Do you own a Nintendo 3DS? Are you tired of having to charge with at least two cables and their respective chargers? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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