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The life of the original Apple Watch ends as the Series 3 becomes the first model with mass adoption

Apple activa el entrenamiento de esquí en el Apple Watch Series 3 a partir de hoy

One of the strengths Apple enjoys right now is the good sales rate of the Apple Watch, among other accessories. And estimates such as those released by developer David Smith bear this out. The Pedometer++ application that David has launched has seen how users using an Apple Watch Series 3 has jumped from nothing to 33% since its launch.

The life of the original Apple Watch ends as the Series 3 becomes the first model with mass adoption
The life of the original Apple Watch ends as the Series 3 becomes the first model with mass adoption

At the same time, Series 1 usage remains at just under 15% while Series 2 has gone from 45% to 30% since the launch of Series 3. But it is the original generation, the Apple Watch Series 0, that drops even further to 25% .

While that of the Apple Watch Series 1 remains unmoved, the adoption of the Series 2 and Series 0 drops as that of the Series 3 increases as never before seen in an Apple Watch.

I can understand that drop perfectly. I’m one of those who acquired an Apple Watch Series 0 during its launch in mid-2015. I still have it on my wrist, holding on with watchOS 4 installed. About a year ago I decided not to renew it until it was completely necessary, without falling into the ” consumerist sin “.

This has made me see how many of my friends and colleagues around me have already gone from having the Series 0 to buying the Series 3, fed up with the slowness of the original model. And I understand: there are many tasks that have become very heavy and even unusable with the Series 0.

Based on my personal experience, the Series 0 can still be used for the basics. Look at the time and consult general data such as the calendar, notifications, reminders (that’s where I usually keep my shopping list) or the weather forecast. Where it has already lost its usefulness is in orders via Siri or application loading . Also in the use of HomeKit and often in the sports log. It is too slow in these cases, and it can take up to half a minute to wait. It is simply too old for that.

David Smith’s forecast through September of this year is that adoption of the Series 3 will continue to grow as people renew their watch or buy it for the first time.

So in my opinion, the Series 0 is on the line right now. It’s still useful for its most basic and most used functions, but there’s already a lot of things it’s weak on. That’s why I don’t see anything unusual in the fact that more than one person has already decided to renew their original Apple Watch. I also don’t doubt David Smith’s prediction that the Apple Watch Series 0 will no longer be compatible with watchOS 5 when it appears this fall.

It will be at that moment that I will fulfill the promise I have made to myself: the Apple Watch will be the first Apple device that I will renew not on a whim, but out of necessity. And its life span will have been about three years before it renews itself into a “Series 4”, not bad for the original smartwatch that was the beginning of a business that Apple is doing better and better.

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