The launch of the new iPad Pro would be delayed until 2020

2019 is coming to an end and the truth is that Apple is leaving many products to be presented, such as the new range of iPad Pro. Some rumors pointed out that it would arrive in an event in October that never happened, but now from the middle Bloomberg have released a note where they claim that this new iPad Pro would arrive in the first half of 2020.

From Apple it seems that they are changing their launch calendar since normally we would see at the end of October an event where the new Mac and iPad were presented but this year it has not been like that. It is possible that they are betting on spreading the releases throughout the year and not condensing them especially in the last quarters of the year.

The launch of the new iPad Pro would be delayed until 2020
The launch of the new iPad Pro would be delayed until 2020

According to a Bloomberg report on Cupertino’s future company launch , the new iPad Pro could be launched in the first half of 2020. This renewed equipment would include a new dual-lens camera as well as a small hole to accommodate the 3D system. This is something that has been rumored at length over the past few weeks, although the addition of these two cameras has not yet been sought out as obviously taking pictures with the iPad doesn’t make much sense. The sense it would have would be related to augmented reality but obviously we must wait to see how Apple sells it in its presentation. In particular this 3D sensor is described as a piece focusing on Apple’s augmented reality and a more advanced version of the Face ID sensor.

It’s true that some reports pointed to the arrival of a triple-camera iPad Pro in the supply chain, but we think this is already quite surreal. In this release report, they’re sticking with a dual-camera iPad.

To these data we must also add the details given of the new products that will arrive in 2020. Among these new products we can highlight the new augmented reality glasses expected for 2023, but also emphasize other glasses that would combine AR and VR with a focus on games, watching videos and virtual meetings. In addition, it is also detailed in this report that the next iPhone 12 will finally have 5G connectivity as has been rumored in past weeks.

Obviously these reports are assumptions based on internal sources, but they may fail as we saw in that expected Apple event for October that never happened. We’ll have to be patient and see what strategy Apple will adopt from now on with its product introductions.

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