The launch of the HomePod in Germany, France and Canada reveals its price in euros

Apple has released the HomePod in Germany, France and Canada. The news itself is that we finally know the official price of the HomePod in Europe and in euros, thanks to the fact that its commercialization is starting in these countries. And the truth is that it is cheaper than we thought.

Price of the HomePod in Europe: 349 euros including VAT

As of today, users interested in the Apple connected speaker can officially purchase it in these countries. The company thus adds three more markets to the first wave that included the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. But there is no sign of Spain or Latin America at the moment.

The launch of the HomePod in Germany, France and Canada reveals its price in euros
The launch of the HomePod in Germany, France and Canada reveals its price in euros

As the image above shows, the HomePod is starting to be sold in France at a price of 349 euros . The same price as in Germany. What is striking about the price of the HomePod is that it includes VAT in France and Germany, which is 20% and 19% respectively. It is very likely that the price of the HomePod in Spain will follow the same pattern and we will see the HomePod at the same price in our country, even though our VAT is 21%.

The 2018 iPad has already brought us good news with a 50 euro discount on the price of the 2017 model

The HomePod costs $349 in the USA excluding VAT , which translates into about 300 euros. Depending on the state in which it is purchased, you would have to add between 0% and 13.5% VAT. As a curiosity, Oregon lacks this tax while Alabama (Tim Cook’s home state) has the highest of all.

Slow deployment one year after presentation

We first saw the HomePod a little over a year ago, during WWDC 2017. Apple assured that it would be launched a few months later and before the end of the year . Just in time for the Christmas campaign. At that time we already knew that its deployment would be very small and that it would only go on sale in a handful of countries.

However, December came and went. 2017 ended and the new year began without us seeing a launch of the HomePod until the beginning of February. And it did so without a key feature like AirPlay 2 after the iOS 11.4 update, which allows these speakers to be used as multiroom devices.

Multiroom sound is one of the great advantages of connected speakers. With them, a user can play one song in the living room, another in the garden and a different one in the kitchen. Or have all rooms resonate with the same track. In addition, although the HomePod already provides stereo sound , Apple allows you to configure two speakers at the same time for a sound that the company calls this for a more immersive experience.

This is the competition of the HomePod from the major technology companies. For sound, the most direct comes from Sonos speakers.

As well as having quality sound, the HomePod has a version of Siri designed for music and its integration with HomeKit to centralise our home automation accessories. In principle, this speaker is designed as an accessory to enjoy the Apple Music service, although other services such as Spotify can use it as a speaker via AirPlay.

Apple ha vendido unos 600.000 HomePod en el primer trimestre de su lanzamiento, ya es el cuarto fabricante en ventas.

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At the moment there is no news about the arrival of the HomePod in Spain or Latin America . However, the price in euros of this loudspeaker is good news for those who are interested in the accessory.

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