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The Last Journey of the Kormet, an arcade single that will catch you: App of the Week

As the week begins, Apple introduces a new app to help you get the most out of your iOS devices. In this opportunity we want to share with you an entertaining arcade game that perfectly understands the category of traditional ‘Martian killer’ and mixes it with simple mechanics , all with the aim of reaching casual players who enjoy a game while waiting at the bank or their friends arrive at the bar.

Today in the ‘App of the Week’ I will tell you how this mobile game works, as well as giving you a little taste of its history from its creators.

An easy to understand arcade

The Last Journey of the Kormet, an arcade single that will catch you: App of the Week
The Last Journey of the Kormet, an arcade single that will catch you: App of the Week

The Last Journey of the Kormet’ is a mobile game that takes the best of an arcade and simplifies it so that everyone can understand it and have a good time . The idea is that, in the best style of titles like ‘Space Invader’, we control a kind of ‘angel’ of battle by moving it sideways, while fighting against time and facing different opponents . Not to mention that we have to fight against gravity, which is relative, so in some worlds we only have to shoot.

This videogame developed by ‘Black Cube’ (the same developers of CatTroid) has more than 50 levels, where we will experience different difficulties, as we advance in the scenarios. In addition, we will have the possibility of collecting gems to be able to advance more easily between the worlds.

When playing it we notice that it is well entertaining, although some of its elements are difficult to understand at first, while we discover that our main enemies are not only those figures we have to shoot at, but also the very gravity and time, which can play against us. Moreover, their scenarios full of colors and geometric figures make us abstract from reality, transporting us to another world.

The creators: we interview the brain behind ‘Kormet’

After knowing this title, a couple of weeks before its release, we were talking to its creators to tell us a little bit not only about the concept of ‘The Last Journey of the Kormet’, but also about its origins. For example, the name ‘Kormet’ was taken from the Nordic and Greek mythology, because this is the name of a river that crossed Thor every day to reach the Yggdrasill . “In our case, the battle angel Kormet crosses the universe to get home” , indicates Black Cube.

According to the developers, when creating this mobile game they wanted to try with a new way of understanding the traditional “Martian killers” and mix it with simple mechanics. “We wanted to make the control easier in the world, so we could reach casual gamers (just be a finger, and the phone’s gyroscope)” .

The name ‘Kormet’ was taken from Nordic and Greek mythology, as this is the name of a river that Thor crossed every day to reach the Yggdrasill.
CatTroid, un juego en el que los gatos se rebelan contra los humanos: App de la Semana

Black Cube claims that one of its main features when creating a new app is to take a look at the market to see what is not yet created and what they can bring. “In the case of Kormet, we wanted to create an easy to understand arcade for everyone (…) We believe that success lies in the effort to create new things. There are times when we look at the App Store or Google Play and see thousands of apps just like it” , says Black Cube.

On the other hand, as for the graphic style of the game, Black Cube ensures that the more original it is the more they like it. “The Kormet is simple and visually spectacular. We look for clean images (…) We couldn’t put the Cattroid style to the Kormet are two different concepts. That’s why we chose something more modern.” .

Finally, regarding their future plans for video game development, the developers said they are currently working on a Retro RPG that reminds them of those Mega Drive and Game Gear games. “Besides, we have always wanted to make the jump to the big screen with the Switch or the Playstation” , we will have to wait to see if one day we will see them on the TV screen.

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