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the king in the United States and a failure in Spain

Kantar Wold Panel brings us a gift from heaven. This market research company has ventured to analyze the market shares of the different mobile operating systems throughout the most important countries in the world. In this study they have decided to include Spain, showing us the crushing reign of Android on iOS, an almost marginal platform. In the US, the results change, with iOS being the majority, but taking Android very closely.

The truth is that I had long wanted to see a study of this type of the distribution of mobile platforms throughout the world , and that Spain was finally included.

the king in the United States and a failure in Spain
the king in the United States and a failure in Spain

Unlike our neighbours on the other side of the pond, in our country the market share of iOS is tiny . Spain, a country where the Samsung with Android reigns supreme, and the iPhone belongs to the idiots who follow the apple cult. The statistics speak for themselves.

In the United States, iOS went from having a 35% market share in 2011 to 53.3% in 2012, so sweeps all mobile platforms by an absolute majority , leaving Android with 41.9 in second place. Alternatives such as BlackBerry are already buried with a 1.4% market share, or Symbian with 0.2%. The most worrying thing is that the country where Windows Phone is developed has a poor 2.7 points.

As mentioned above, in Spain the results are absolutely devastating for iOS , where it has fallen from 6.9% in 2011 to 4.4% in 2012, rising Android from 58.7 points to 84.1 points from one year to the next. Android has not only dethroned the BlackBerrys, but has also swept up against Symbian, leaving them with 4.2 and 3.4 points respectively. Windows Phone, for its part, has increased its market share from 2011 to 2012, capturing 3.2% of the Spanish market.

No doubt, the less curious it is that today it is as difficult to see an iPhone as a BlackBerry in the streets of Spain. And the less is ironic, because Apple is the most powerful technology company in the world, while BlackBerry is giving its last rites before dying. But then again, Spain is a country with different customs to what we are used to seeing outside. And although Apple has taken a big step by opening Apple Store in our country, they are not putting all the meat on the table by spending enough on advertising.

The Spaniards are unhappy with the iPhone , they say it’s too continuous and an armed robbery. This is a curious fact, especially considering that the difference between the Galaxy SII and the SIII is a default screen, processor and color magnification, which changes from black to white. As far as prices are concerned, operators offer both terminals for a very similar price, so the price is no excuse. The final conclusion is that the Spanish hate the iPhone, either out of envy or because they prefer the freedom of Android, but they hate it with all their might, and that’s a fact .

I am one of those rare holders belonging to the 4.4% of marginal iOS users, very happy and proud of my terminal, of which only a few idiots are holders, but happy after all . And if there is something nice about all this, it is that everyone can choose the phone that makes him happier in his hands.

But hey, let’s not kid ourselves. The day iOS absorbs all the clever ideas circulating as tweaks on Cydia, will become the quintessential operating system , which with its quality apps, will be able to look down on Android again. But today, that’s just a dream, which only people like Johnny Ive can make come true.

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