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The Keynotes of September

Steve Jobs walks from one end of the stage, head down. He was serious , thoughtful, although many of us thought that at that time he was doing an extraordinary exercise in restraint in the face of the product he was going to present. That sparkle in his eyes gave him away. “Today is the day I have been waiting for for more than two and a half years”. The Apple logo shone more than ever on that giant screen, although a Jobs with its own light was certainly about to eclipse it.

23 years ago, a computer started talking as soon as it was taken out of a bag. In a world where machines were just a jumble of light as the only means of communication, the first Macintosh greeted the audience of that presentation as a device with a soul would. “Hi, I’m a Macintosh. I was looking forward to getting out of that bag.” Here began the complicity not only between the audience and the speaker, but even including the products within the circle. The product has always been the most important thing for Apple, and this is the perfect way to make it connect with the user.

The Keynotes of September
The Keynotes of September

Keynotes are created like any other Apple product: meticulously thought out and designed

The keynotes are one of my favorite Apple products. The company designs them in the same way as their products: analyzing very well what they want to convey, putting the maximum detail in each of the messages and choreographing every second of the presentation. Nothing is the result of chance – even if it seems so – and it is the result of hundreds of trials during the months prior to the chosen day. Probably, while I am writing these lines or you are reading them, someone in Cupertino is rehearsing for the umpteenth time his role in the next one. And it has nothing to do with how they wanted to paint them for us in the cinema.

September Keynotes: the start of the race

Right now, at this time of year, we are at a perfect Lagrange point after WWDC16 and the next keynote. We are moving stationary between two big events with their own gravity, just before the company announces the next one and its own gravity already drags us towards September. The Keynotes in this month have been for the last few years the starting pistol of a race against the clock to present the last products of the year . In 2015, only during the last quarter, the new iPhones, the iPad Pro, the new Apple TV, accessories for the Apple Watch, the iMac with 4K and 5K Retina screens, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad 2 were presented.

In the coming months we could see a big generational change in Macs, in addition to the novelties in “iDevices”

This year it looks like the last months of 2016 are going to bring us a certain avalanche of products that are not going to be limited to new phones or tablets , Macs are going to be the protagonists. With the exception of the new MacBook we reviewed at Apple in May, virtually all Apple computers are at the end of their renewal cycle. So we expect not only a change of iteration but a new generation itself, whose expectations are sky high.

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I have always liked to think of a keynote using Schrödinger’s concept : just before a presentation, all the hopes exist and at the same time none of them. It is perhaps that theatricality and the moment of emotion that all the fans are waiting for as if it were our own “great sporting event”, that makes them special. For ten years we have been celebrating each one of those days, and living – and making you live – those keynotes I have been able to attend from the inside , is one of the best memories within this madness for Apple that goes beyond technology.

Countdown to September’s keynote begins

Last year Apple announced the keynote of September 9th – where the new iPhone and iPad Pro were presented – on August 27th, almost two weeks before the event. In a typical presentation, the company usually gives notice just the week before, but the end of summer is a complicated time in the newsrooms and it is better to anticipate the preparations even more. This year, we are working with two possible dates: the week of September 5th, and the week of the 12th .

If the company is preparing an event for the week of the 5th, from tomorrow onwards we are already in time to send out the invitations to the press and make the event official. In case we go to the next one, it will be from next Monday when we will wait for that invitation. This puts us all on the ramp up to the new products Apple wants to end the year with. And although the leaks are already showing us all the possible angles of the new products, when we talk about Apple an image is not worth a thousand words .

A product is not defined by the initial surprise it causes, but by the concept with which it has been designed. That’s why any Apple product is always much more than just a leak in a housing or a processor

It is true that secrecy has helped to make more of an impression on the viewer, but surprise is never what ends up defining the success of a product. Maybe that’s why it’s important to understand that Apple doesn’t sell a shape, a colored housing or an operating system by itself, but the combination of all of them – and what we don’t know yet – that give rise to a concrete creation . No filtration will ever be a product of the company, just another piece in a puzzle that is only completed upstage.

That’s the real moment when hundreds of NO’s become YES’s, where the points are connected backwards. And it’s about to happen again.

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