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The Jailbreak comes to iPhone 7 and iPad Pro

¡No olvides contarnos cómo te ha ido con Yalu!

The Jailbreak comes to iPhone 7 and iPad Pro
The Jailbreak comes to iPhone 7 and iPad Pro

A new Jailbreak – in beta form – has just been released for iOS 10.1.1 , “Yalu” is the name of the first Jailbreak that supports the iPhone 7 and you can use it now. But don’t forget it’s a beta of the jailbreak , it’s not stable yet.

The jailbreak has been developed by Luca Todesco , who has created a name around the cracking of the iOS firmware and Ian Beer. This Jailbreak supports all devices running under iOS 10.1.1, however it has only been released for iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

Released a week ago

Actually Yalu was made a week ago but has not been compatible with Cydia until its last update . Without Cydia a normal user would not use Jailbreak .

This jailbreak comes in an .ipa file, which you run directly on your iOS device via iTunes. The Jailbreak runs on your device, so only needs your PC or Mac to transfer it to the iPhone or iPad .

Once you activate it, you’ll discover that it’s actually a beta. Many users have alerted other users to wait for more stable versions of Jailbreak unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Don’t forget to make a backup before you do anything.

According to Todesco: if you install it now you will be forced to restore it . Luca has just confirmed on Twitter that the latest version of Yalu works well on iPhone 7 – although he doesn’t guarantee that it will work on yours.

Try it yourself

If, despite Luca’s and many users’ warnings, you need to try it out you can download Yalu from here :

Download Yalu

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