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The iWatch in three different models, according to some rumors

While the greatest number of rumors we find day by day by these dates, very close to what is expected to be the official presentation of the iPhone 6 and its consequent release to the market, refer to this terminal , from time to time, the leakage on other Apple products surprises us, and we find rumors about new and innovative products, or new features in the testing phase to be incorporated into existing ones.

Today’s rumor refers to what is supposed to be Apple’s next flagship product, the iWatch , an intelligent watch that is expected to set the trend in the industry and beat a competition that seems to have bet on competing to see who gets the first watch, but not a watch that offers unique functions or innovative features.

The iWatch in three different models, according to some rumors
The iWatch in three different models, according to some rumors

The rumor is that Apple would be preparing three different models of iWatch, with different features and therefore with different price. The three models would base their main difference in size , with one of 1.6 inches and the other two of 1.8, but incorporating one of these of 1.8, sapphire crystal, in order to make the screen more resistant and durable.

The rumor comes from a report from one of the most important economic and business newspapers in Taiwan, the Economic Daily News , and it states that these will be the sizes we will find in the market as soon as iWatch goes on sale. This information would clash with other sources such as Reuters, which weeks ago, referred to a possible 2.5-inch screen.

With regard to the iWatch release , several possibilities are pointed out , some of them talking about October and others even postponing beyond that month, not only the release but even its mass production.

The conclusion on the Economic Daily News report and on the rumour of the three different models, is that we still have a lot to read and hear about the iWatch and that we will have to wait for more official news, but we give a vote of confidence to this rumour as it is a serious and reliable source , although we are particularly cautious, because as we have repeated, it is only a rumour.

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