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The iWatch Could Come in Several Versions and Have 10 Sensors

Rumor has it that the iWatch could be of various sizes and designs

During the last few days we are hearing a few rumors about iWatch . Apple has put its teeth into consumers after the WWDC14 in which it announced the HealthKit for iOS8, an API that allows third party companies to develop applications and accessories whose data would go to a centralized location like the Health application. However, the American company said nothing about its own hardware.

The latest information that has come to us from The Wall Street Journal about Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch talks about the possibility that Cupertino’s were working on various designs and sizes of the watch , so that users can choose between different versions depending on their tastes. In addition, it is said that the device will have more than ten sensors including those for monitoring health and exercise parameters.

The iWatch Could Come in Several Versions and Have 10 Sensors
The iWatch Could Come in Several Versions and Have 10 Sensors

With this, Apple would like to distance itself from the general idea that consumers have about this type of device, which is seen only as a complement to smartphones, without providing any different characteristics from those that smartphones already have.

According to one component supplier, 10-15 million iWatch are expected to be produced

The newspaper also adds that according to the forecasts of a component supplier, between 10 and 15 million iWatch will be distributed before the end of 2014 and could maintain an annual production of around 50 million units . Taiwanese company Quanta Computer would be responsible for starting mass production of the clock in the coming weeks, although the final specifications are currently being finalised.

Other information from the agency Reuters , says that the iWatch will have a 2.5-inch screen , without referring to the possibility of offering different versions. They also comment that will incorporate a wireless charging system , which, on the other hand, we consider almost essential in a device of this type so that we don’t have to give it up when charging it.

Apple would be responding well to the pressures received from different sectors such as investors or users who have long been demanding new products with innovative features capable of competing with rival companies. If Cupertino’s people manage to bring to market a gadget of this type with the features that are being rumoured, it will have been worth the wait. We’ll probably see it in the autumn.

Various analysts, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, expect the market for wearable devices to take off in the coming years, tripling this year’s figures and reaching 111.9 million units in 2018 .

Do you think that an iWatch with these characteristics could make the difference with the competition?

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