The iPod Nano could be much more

It’s been almost a month since the iPod Nano “upgrade” and little has been said about it. We know that basically the software has been updated and beautiful dials have been added to enhance its clock function, but is that all? Apple could have made the iPod more important by adding it to the new apple ecosystem.

As the apple community knows, the iPod Nano renovation has been more software-based than hardware-based. Actually, it’s the only thing that’s been updated. Its interface can now be configured to display the largest icons on its screen, and its function as a clock has been greatly enhanced by adding sixteen dials , now making a total of eighteen possible. Actually, separating the essential function of an iPod as it is the music reproduction, the clock is what is catching the attention of the users for being different from everything that had been seen until now. Of course, the straps made by the manufacturers have helped a lot .

The iPod Nano could be much more
The iPod Nano could be much more

We know the year has been especially hard on Apple. Not in terms of products, but on a personal level. Gadgets and computers have continued to be renewed but not at the same pace as in the past . It’s probably all due to Steve Jobs’ illness. I’m saying all this because of the renewal of the iPod Nano, because for me it wasn’t the right one or the right one.

It has not been ideal because has not been updated to the current demands that Apple has put on the market . It has not been adapted because the iPod Nano has not been integrated into the great ecosystem that the apple company has developed for all its products. Yes, I am referring to iCloud . Apart from new spheres, I was hoping that the “new” Nano would be equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna so that we could have options to use iCloud. Can you imagine what that would mean? Carrying the right songs on the device and if you want more, iCloud downloads. The same with streaming photos. This would give it incredible power, and extra importance over other players we currently find on the market (iPod included). I think it would attract a lot of attention because of its features. Things that would help its use would be to integrate an Agenda with our phone numbers, as well as the Calendar . Of course, iCloud would be fundamental, and why not the possibility of Find my iPod?

Of course, all this is a personal point of view . Although, I sincerely hope that Apple has it in mind for a future renewal of the range and, if possible, not too far away.

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