The “iPhones 5se” would be Apple’s next 4-inch device

Much has been heard of a possible new 4-inch iPhone , and it was logically thought that the possible names for this device could be “iPhone 6c” or “iPhone 6 mini”, however, thanks to information from the 9to5Mac source, we can know that this terminal would eventually adopt the name “iPhone 5se”.

This mobile would come to meet the request of those users who want and need a smaller screen, specifically 4 inches, as the predecessors to the iPhone 6. And according to this rumor, the tag would be awarded to Special Edition , ie special edition. Thus, the iPhone 5se would be very similar physically to the iPhone 5s but would have a more complete and updated data sheet.

The “iPhones 5se” would be Apple’s next 4-inch device
The “iPhones 5se” would be Apple’s next 4-inch device

There are strong rumors that the headphone port will disappear on the next generation iPhone, but apparently it will not be the same on the iPhone 5, which will keep the port. In addition, it is thought that these will be the most important features of the iPhone 5se:

  • Same chassis as iPhone 5 but with 2.5D glass rounded edges, just like iPhone 6 and 6s.
  • The same photo sensors as the front and rear cameras on iPhone 6, at 8 and 1.2 megapixels, respectively.
  • Support for higher resolution panoramas and autofocus in videos.
  • Barometer for measuring altitude in the Health application.
  • Chipp NFC to use Apple Pay.
  • iPhone 6 A8 and M8 chips
  • Same connectivity modules as iPhone 6s: Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE, and 802 Wi-Fi

The iPhone 5 screen would not have 3D Touch technology, however it will be possible to capture and view Live Photos on it. Presumably, this terminal would be presented in March along with the second generation of the Apple Watch and would be available in the colors Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

Do you think Apple will introduce the iPhone 5se soon? Would you like to see this terminal?

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