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The iPhone XS Max screen is analysed by DisplayMate

The iPhone XS Max has surprised with its screen size, taking advantage of the whole front of the terminal. Although Apple emphasized that they worked hard to improve the OLED technology in their terminals, DisplayMate has wanted to corroborate this.

Until about a month ago, the Samsung Galaxy S9 crowned the best screen stand on the market. The South Koreans are big manufacturers of OLED screens and demonstrated this with their flagship.

The iPhone XS Max screen is analysed by DisplayMate
The iPhone XS Max screen is analysed by DisplayMate

Now it’s the turn of the new iPhone XS Max under the magnifying glass of DisplayMate , which put the Californians to the test to achieve a screen at the level of one of its greatest rivals.

Apple worked on its own OLED screen

Apple already indicated with the iPhone X that they had developed an OLED screen that greatly improved the shortcomings of this type of screen, for example the bluer tones that they tend to offer and which Samsung often abuses considerably.

Also in the area of image burning , where it was possible to reduce drastically. Image burn-in usually occurs when a sequence remains fixed on the screen for a long time. When the sequence is no longer observed, a spectrum remains for a few minutes as a ghost mark or “spot”.

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But as Phil Schiller pointed out at last year’s iPhone X launch, this should no longer be a problem thanks to his new OLED screen design, dubbed the Super Retina OLED. This was confirmed by customers on both the iPhone X and the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

The iPhone XS Max’s screen becomes the best on the market

Yes, that’s how strong the DisplayMate ratings were after seeing how the Super Retina OLED display offered very lifelike colors and near-perfect calibration.

The 6.5″ screen offers a maximum brightness of 725 nits in automatic mode, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reached a maximum of 710 nits . The latter already represented a really high score, placing it at the top of the market just one month ago.

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Returning to the XS Max, the colour accuracy is quite realistic. Reflectance is as low as the lowest value on the market, reaching 4.7% . In addition to offering homogeneity in both colour and brightness.

With all this data, DisplayMate has finished that the display of the new iPhone XS Max becomes the best on the market today. This is something that users who already have their own terminal will surely be able to confirm.