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The iPhone XR 2019 would have a 4X4 MIMO antenna system

Apple does not cease in its attempt to put the iPhone XR through our eyes with intense marketing campaigns to users who have an ‘old’ iPhone and analysts are already talking about its second generation. According to The Wall Street Journal in 2019 Apple would bet on three new iPhones, among them we would see the second generation of the iPhone XR which would have a double camera and according to a latest report collected by MacRumors would also have significant improvements in its antenna system.

According to this report that has been collected in MacRumors from Barclays Apple would bet on incorporating the design of 4×4 MIMO antenna. This technology would significantly improve LTE transmission by increasing the number of data routes between the coverage towers and the device itself.

The iPhone XR 2019 would have a 4X4 MIMO antenna systemThe iPhone XR 2019 would have a 4X4 MIMO antenna system

This design would give the second generation iPhone XR four antennas so to speak allowing it to have a higher data rate. Users who want fast, quality navigation will certainly appreciate this technology.

Currently the 4X4 MIMO antenna design is on the iPhone XS and XS Max but the 2018 XR only supports a 2X2 MIMO design, reducing by 50% the number of available antennas and therefore the connections between the device and the coverage towers in our area.

Because of this difference both the iPhone XS and XS Max have a significantly higher data rate than the iPhone XR. This is particularly noticeable in areas where coverage is rather weak as demonstrated by several tests conducted by Cellular Insights.

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We hope that from Apple will end up incorporating this antenna design into the second generation iPhone XR although we hope it will not end up affecting the price by adding a higher quality technology.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new rumor, do you think it will end up being true?