The iPhone X has presented distortion in the headphones

Just a few days ago we heard about a hardware problem that was starting to affect the screen of some iPhone X, and according to how 9to5mac has shared, this won’t be the only one. In a new number of comments posted on Twitter and Reddit several users claim to have a distortion in the headset of their brand new mobile.

Specifically, this is a buzzing sound that is perceived when the iPhone X speaker is activated; according to some users this problem only occurs when they turn the speaker to the maximum, while others claim that just 50% of the volume is enough to perceive the problem.

The iPhone X has presented distortion in the headphones
The iPhone X has presented distortion in the headphones

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Although the exact number of users who have reported the situation is not known at the moment, it is known, according to what is shared on social networks, that mobile phones have been replaced without any problem in Apple’s physical stores. But, in some cases the problem persists, so it is certain that it is a software problem that Apple will be happy to solve soon.

Where have we heard this before?

A similar failure was recorded a couple of weeks ago in the first available units of the iPhone 8. The mobile suffered from a headset crackling problem, which **Apple solved the iPhone 8 problem through a software update. **

Usually, there are a number of users who have some kind of defect on their iPhone. Fortunately, Apple guarantees attention and replacement of units to its customers that makes them have a backup after such an investment.

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