The iPhone X has a mysterious chip in its hardware


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a chip, and no one knows what function it has. That’s right, Apple’s iPhone X has a mysterious chip built into all of its hardware components.

The iPhone X has a mysterious chip in its hardware
The iPhone X has a mysterious chip in its hardware

Recently we were talking about the iFixit teardown, highlighting Apple’s great work to reduce the size of the hardware elements to make room for an L-shaped battery divided into two parts. But we do not mention something very curious, the existence of a new chip that seems to be mounted on the OLED screen itself.

The chip in question is of considerable size and is located at the bottom of the iPhone X.

That’s how iFixit talked about the chip. In the image below, you can see the square shaped chip marked with a green color. Is it a circuit to improve wireless charging? Is it a feature for the tactical engine?

It could also be a simple driver. But it’s attached to the lower speaker and it’s also been found that STMicro won the OLED display driver. So this theory is out of the question.

But… after some time of research, it has finally been discovered that this mysterious iPhone X chip is a touch screen controller. The chip has been identified as BCM15951B0KUB2G and belongs to Broadcom.

Mystery solved! The iPhone X still has many surprises in store for it . Apple has had to work out different hardware components in order to offer all the new features, functions and functions that users are enjoying right now on their brand new iPhone X. And you, do you already have yours? Have you preferred to opt for an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 Plus?


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