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The iPhone will start to be manufactured in India, will they lower the price?

It has been several months since we learned that Apple would be moving its iPhone factories to India after having maintained its headquarters in China for years. The problems arising from the commercial battle between the United States and the Asian country were what prompted Cupertino’s company to move to India. New information is coming out about when this production will start and we are also wondering if we could see a drop in the price of the iPhone because of this.

Foxconn has traditionally assembled the latest iPhones in its factories in China. The trust between this company and Apple is so great that it was decided a few months ago that, with the transfer of factories to India, the Chinese company would also move there to carry out the final processes in the manufacture of the brand’s star devices.

The iPhone will start to be manufactured in India, will they lower the price?
The iPhone will start to be manufactured in India, will they lower the price?

On the other hand we know that Wistron has been making older iPhones for months, like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 8 in India. However, the information about the future of this supplier is somewhat confusing, as some sources indicate that it will join Foxconn in the manufacture of the new iPhones and others say that they will continue with the assembly of the older models.

The latest report published by the Indian media Economic Times, points out that Foxconn will also manufacture older devices such as the iPhone X and that this process will begin in a few months, specifically in July .

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Be that as it may, what seems an evidence is that the relocation of the iPhone factories will take place this year . This makes us wonder if it will affect the device itself in any way. Presumably the quality of the devices will not be affected, as they will be manufactured by the same suppliers. However, we do not know what will happen to the price .

No reports have been found on how much it will cost Apple to manufacture iPhones in India compared to the costs they assumed in China. While it should be noted that the price is influenced by a number of factors beyond the manufacturing price, the fact is that a lower cost of manufacturing could lead to a reduction in price .

iPhones have never been cheap devices and, beyond discussing whether they are reasonable or not, they have been rising in recent years to exceed the barrier of 1,000 euros and 1,000 dollars. This could be posing a problem in sales at Cupertino, so we think that a restructuring of the costs could help the iPhone 2019 to arrive with a lower price than in recent years .

It should also be understood that the costs involved in moving factories from one country to another are usually high. However, we hope that this does not affect the fact that, instead of lowering the price, they decide to raise it. The most sensible thing, as we have already pointed out, would be to lower it and if not, we hope that it will at least be maintained.

What do you think? Do you think this year’s Apple phone will go down in price? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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