The iPhone will have more than 12 megapixels, but it won’t be this year

It seems that Apple is in negotiations with a supplier to provide 600 million lenses, where they would be able to support more than 12 megapixels , but it would be on the iPhone of later generations, specifically those of 2019 .

You may think it’s logical news or why Apple doesn’t implement it already. It’s very simple to explain. Basically because Apple does not give importance to megapixels to get good results in the captured images. And neither should you.

The iPhone will have more than 12 megapixels, but it won’t be this year
The iPhone will have more than 12 megapixels, but it won’t be this year

The quality of an image is measured by the quality of the lens, by the focal aperture and by the performance of the brightness sensor . By having more mepixels, we will have a larger picture, but it does not have to be of better quality.

Photographs as a marketing model thanks to the iPhone

Apple brags about the quality of its images wherever it has the slightest opportunity. We saw the latest one in its new account at Instagram , where it selects images from users who have uploaded photos taken with the iPhone.

This is a huge marketing plus , when surveys publish that the iPhone is the smartphone with which more images of the world are made, uploaded and shared, everyone wants to have one to immortalize their best moments.

Thanks to the quality of the iPhone’s cameras, we have seen short films, TV commercials or even video clips recorded from the device itself. So it’s no wonder Apple puts so much emphasis on lens quality, let alone megapixels.

In the following video, you can see how our colleague Fernando Del Moral dares to record the videos on our YouTube channel with an iPhone, with an extraordinary quality.

Some companies make up the megapixels of their cameras

We must also honor the truth and say that many companies that double their megapixels, are not real megapixels , would be interpolated. To make it clear, it would be forcing those megapixels to give a bigger picture feeling, but the results are lousy.

So it is better to be stabilized at 12 megapixels but offer excellent quality. Still, it seems that in a year and a half Apple will increase the megapixels of the iPhone.

Do you think it is necessary to increase those megapixels now? Which would be the recommended ones if we look at the competition?

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