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The iPhone SE is an unexpected success in the US, according to an analyst

The iPhone SE is the cheapest current generation terminal Apple has ever released. With a starting price of $399 (489 euros including VAT), Cupertino’s company seems to have hit the jackpot in a segment where it had never competed before. At least, that’s the claim of the analysis firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). The iPhone SE is an unexpected success.

A survey in Apple’s bastion

The US has traditionally been the country where the most iPhones have been sold and the most market share has been captured. Although in absolute terms of sales, that leadership has been challenged by China for a year now. It is in the United States where CIRP has conducted a survey of 500 people , commissioned by the Swiss bank UBS.

The iPhone SE is an unexpected success in the US, according to an analyst
The iPhone SE is an unexpected success in the US, according to an analyst

This is not official data, which Apple will most likely not release, nor is it a very extensive survey. But it does give us an idea of something we’ve been aware of for a long time. The launch of the iPhone SE took place at the end of March and did not reach markets such as Spain until early April.

That’s when we saw the delivery times for Apple’s new terminal extend to 2-3 weeks. Two months later, the wait was still the same. Right now and since a few weeks ago the demand is already stabilized and Apple is able to deliver the phone the next day.

The iPhone SE is designed for a less technology-obsessed audience who are happy to get back to the design of the iPhone 5s

It is clear that the iPhone SE is designed for an audience that wanted something different, but could not find it in its 4.7 and 5.5 inch siblings. A terminal that doesn’t have all the latest technology, but that does have the most current important components. The iPhone SE inherits the A9 chip, 2GB of RAM, rear camera and NFC chip for Apple Pay from the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

With these data we can get an idea of the type of audience it is aimed at. One who wants to change his iPhone for a new one of content size, with the best camera and able to use the latest Apple services while recovering an excellent design at a very competitive price.

The results of the survey

We already know that the renewal cycles of the iPhone are getting longer. Almost ten years after its original launch, there are still many users who are clinging to terminals as old as the iPhone 4 or 4S . So much so that a few weeks ago I saw a person with… an iPhone 3GS! The iPhone SE is a way to tempt all those users to upgrade to a newer handset.

According to the survey conducted by CIRP, the iPhone SE is estimated to have had the desired effect in spurring the renewals. As reported in MacRumors, 26% of iPhone SE buyers came from an iPhone 4S. By comparison, in the previous quarter only 16 percent upgraded from the iPhone 4S to a newer handset (the iPhone SE was not on the market at that time).

Análisis iPhone SE.

It is also interesting to see what the distribution of models is like in terms of storage. More than half of the respondents who purchased an iPhone SE chose the 64GB model. Overall, the 16 and 64GB model accounted for 16% of U.S. sales . This growth came at the expense of older models, but especially the Plus models.

This can be explained by the fact that we are approaching the end of the cycle of the current generation and the initial enthusiasm is waning in these months of the year. In any case, and despite being a survey in only one country, the iPhone SE is on the right track . We will see if Apple manages to repeat the 30 million 4-inch iPhone sold in 2015 this year.

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