The iPhone SE 2 with Face ID and no audio jack returns in this unconfirmed render

The iPhone SE 2 is one of the Apple terminals that is raising more expectations in recent weeks. Following the launch of the special edition of the iPhone 5 in 2016, many users are looking forward to its successor. Now, the prolific leaker OnLeaks has discovered a render of the iPhone SE 2 whose authenticity is not confirmed. But what is interesting in the debate about this model.

An iPhone SE 2 with Face ID and no audio jack

The top video is the ADC received by OnLeaks and published on TigerMobiles. It shows a variant of the iPhone SE with three changes that may not be visible to the naked eye:

  • There is no Home button or Touch ID at the bottom of the screen.
  • There is a Face ID module on top that is barely recognizable, similar to the one on iPhone X.
  • The audio jack has disappeared from the bottom edge.
The iPhone SE 2 with Face ID and no audio jack returns in this unconfirmed render
The iPhone SE 2 with Face ID and no audio jack returns in this unconfirmed render

The display is not on at any time, so it is difficult to see what shape the notch will be, nor does it make it easy to calculate the surface area or dimensions. According to the website, this is a terminal identical in dimensions to the iPhone SE but with a screen that would be around 4.7-5 inches. In other words, it would be the screen of an iPhone 8 embedded in an iPhone SE.

We can’t extract too many more tracks from this video except that wireless charging would be ruled out . This technology requires placing a charging coil behind a non-conductive material, as is the case with iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X where we find glass.

What we know about the successor to the iPhone SE

Apple, like any manufacturer, makes prototypes of all kinds. A few see the light. Others stay covered under a sheet forever . It would not be strange that Apple has been flirting with an iPhone SE 2 like the one in this video, but we think that it is too ambitious a model.

Incorporating technologies such as Face ID into iPhone X proved to be a huge challenge . Both in its development and in its manufacture and cost. If Face ID were available, this so-called iPhone SE 2 would not only see its price increase but would leave the iPhone 8 in evidence.

That’s why the so-called iPhone SE 2 we saw a few weeks ago seems more feasible . It retains the Home button, Touch ID and audio jack, while incorporating a glass rear for wireless charging. This feature, coupled with an internal component cooler, would keep the price at bay while making you a competent terminal.

Eurasian organization ensures the imminent launch of 11 iOS devices, among which we expect the iPhone SE 2

Although we don’t know what kind of iPhone SE 2 we will see at the end, the truth is that the EEC claims that 11 iOS devices are approaching with imminent launch. It is very likely that among them is the iPhone SE 2 as well as new models of iPad Pro and some additional accessories such as the Apple AirPower charger.

WWDC has all the ballots to be the candidate date for the presentation of these devices, just like last year’s iPad Pro. There are only a few weeks left to go.

Estas fotos y vídeo muestran el iPhone SE 2 que todos esperamos.

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