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The iPhone SE 2 could arrive very soon and with wireless charging

A new prediction from analyst Luke Lin of Digitimes, states that the iPhone SE 2 will arrive in mid-May or June with a wireless charge.

However, it mentions that Face ID will possibly stay out of this new version, it seems that to keep a priceeconomic “.

The iPhone SE 2 could arrive very soon and with wireless charging
The iPhone SE 2 could arrive very soon and with wireless charging

As MacRumors points out, the sources inside the distribution chain of Apple terminals are usually quite reliable , although they cannot say the same about their analysts.

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The truth is that we’ve been going through several weeks of rumors with this new and expected terminal. Depending on the streak, we find information about Face ID incorporated in this new model, while other times, they discard it.

The wireless charging for the iPhone SE 2 is really getting a lot of weight, at least in what most analysts agree on . Apple wants a world without wires, they said at the last event, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see an iPhone SE 2 with wireless induction charging capability.

In the sales dates we also find similarities in several analysts and media, where it seems that May or June would be the date scheduled for the launch of this terminal of 4″. We do not seem to see a screen magnification , but rather an internal update and a glass back.

It is said, it is commented, it is rumored that the internal characteristics would be the following:

  • A10 Fusion Chip
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 and 128 GB of storage
  • 1700 mAh battery with wireless charging

On a personal level, I don’t think there will be a big revolution of the iPhone SE 2 , will we see it in mid 2018? Possibly yes, the original iPhone SE was launched in March 2016 and there are many users who love this design and size and hope to renew their terminal soon.

It will also be a phone that will enter the Android mid-range competition and of course, as an entry-level phone. Not necessarily to be given as a gift at the First Communion, the iPhone SE has a great potential , where we have known cases like the journalist who returned the iPhone X to buy an iPhone SE and do some work from there.

Do you think we will see a big revolution of the iPhone SE? Will it be in the middle of the year?