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The iPhone SE 2 could arrive in 2018, but earlier than expected

New information about a possible iPhone SE 2 is coming this year.

Taiwanese company TrendForde says Apple wants to compete in the midrange, so it would give the new iPhone SE 2 internal improvements, but keep the 4″ .

The iPhone SE 2 could arrive in 2018, but earlier than expectedThe iPhone SE 2 could arrive in 2018, but earlier than expected

During this year, we have heard rumors about an iPhone SE 2 with hardly any edges , similar to the iPhone X and also rumors where it is believed that the external design will remain intact.

This model is not in Apple’s plans to disappear from its catalogue. It is a great device that continues to maintain active sales and satisfy customers who only want a compact phone with good features.

There are too many rumours about a renovation of this terminal, which also has a very strong audience. So it would not be surprising if this year we see a new version of it .

This Taiwanese company did not want to risk giving more information about its design or internal improvements. Although they do bet on Face ID as a security method for this iPhone SE 2.

The latter is in line with Apple’s bet, where they said that Face ID would be the way to go for the next devices. The new iPad looks like it will be included this year as well, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to make 2018 the year of Face ID.

Some information speaks of an exit of the iPhone SE 2 for the first quarter of the year, while other information bets on the second quarter . We’ll have to wait and see, but we can almost certainly say that this year we could see the new iPhone SE 2 .

What do you think of the current iPhone SE? Do you think we’ll see a model with Face ID and reduced frames? What price would be good to compete with the mid-range?