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The iPhone “S” Name Sends the Wrong Message to the Consumer

Apple is a company that rewards simplicity in almost everything, but a former Apple consultant says the pattern the company uses to name its best-selling product is too simple and sends the wrong message about the iPhone.

According to a former Apple consultant, the “S” designation on the iPhone sends the wrong message to consumers

Ken Segall, an Apple consultant, says the name iPhone does not follow the simplicity that characterizes Apple in all its marketing campaigns and operations. Since the iPhone 3GS, Apple has introduced a model “S” every two years. As Segall writes in his blog, and as we can read today in Appleinsider, this habit is unnecessarily complex and difficult.

The iPhone “S” Name Sends the Wrong Message to the Consumer
The iPhone “S” Name Sends the Wrong Message to the Consumer

Segall worked with Apple for over a decade, serving as the creative director of the advertising agency that Apple has long used, TBWAChiatDay, and later as a consultant to Apple. Working alongside Steve Jobs’ creative team, Segall is credited with creating the iMac brand, as well as the campaign “Apple’s Think Different” .

The former advisor also disagrees with Apple’s apparent abandonment of the name “new” that it seemed to have adopted with the introduction of the iPad 3, which as you may remember Apple called “New iPad” . This name seemed to indicate a change in nomenclature for iOS devices, but the company never adopted it for the iPhone and it seems that with the iPad 4 it has not continued with this practice.

Segall, who has also noted that Samsung’s anti-Apple ads seem to be having an effect on buyers, says that Apple should return to a simple numbering system with its iPhones, abandoning the “S” designation altogether.

Despite Segall’s protests, Apple’s model names do not appear to be decreasing the company’s smartphone sales. Apple CEO Tim Cook has pointed out many times that each new version of the iPhone, regardless of the name, has sold more than all its predecessors combined, so it seems that putting the “S” on his new models doesn’t work so badly for Cupertino’s either.

What do you think? Do you think the “S” designation can lead to confusion? Do you prefer something like iPhone 2013?

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