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The iPhone now has free Reeder

The best client for reading RSS available on the devices of the block brings us news just before the closing of Google Reader. The developer has confirmed that the iPhone version will be made free and that it will receive support for a lot of new services. Reeder for iPad and Mac, however, will disappear from the App Store to make room for new, completely redesigned applications.

Reeder for iPad and Mac became free long ago. However, without explanation, the iPhone version was still paid for .

The iPhone now has free Reeder
The iPhone now has free Reeder

Well, the developer of the best RSS reader for iOS and Mac has confirmed that the application will continue its development after Google Reader closes on July 1st. The application will soon receive an update that will bring support for a lot of alternatives to Google Reader, and will also be free on the iPhone .

According to the developer, version 3.2 has already been sent to the App Store, and it will be a matter of time before we see it as an update on our devices. When this happens, will offer support for Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever and local non-sync . But it doesn’t stop here, because with the iPad and Mac versions we’ll have to go through the checkout.

Let’s remember that these have always been versions one step behind the iPhone, so we’ll have to wait for completely new applications, not an update for the free ones. This has a very simple explanation, the developer wants people to spend money again and enrich themselves. This is very normal, and it’s a very sacrificial business model in the App Store: people pay for your apps once and they get infinite free updates ; that’s why developers create different apps in the form of a “big update”.

In the following image we can see what the new version of the iPad and the new list of services for the iPhone application will look like :

It’s a bit of a confusing strategy. The current iPad and Mac versions disappear so that we pay for new applications, and the iPhone version becomes free but will continue to be updated . The most logical thing is that the iPhone version would have remained paid for; these are the things that bust us users who pay for an application and then become paid for.

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