The iPhone is the “Most Social Device” According to a Study

There is no doubt that smarpthones and tablets are the preferred devices for checking out social networks and sharing content on them. The platform ShareThis , a company that offers tools for sharing content on social networks, has carried out a study whose result ensures that users of its network who use the iPhone are 3 times more likely to share content than users who surf from desktop computers and 1.5 times more than users of other mobile platforms.

ShareThis, the company responsible for the share button we find on many popular websites, published the other day the results of a 30-day study in which it found that the iPhone is the “most social device” in its network of 2.4 million websites.

The iPhone is the most social device according to a study by ShareThis

The iPhone is the “Most Social Device” According to a Study
The iPhone is the “Most Social Device” According to a Study

The company compared 4.9 billion “social signals” from desktops and 1.2 billion from mobile devices in an attempt to better understand distribution patterns across its network.

The Apple iPhone is the most widely shared device with 12.4% . In second and third place are Android and BlackBerry, with 7.4% and 6.3% respectively. As expected, most of the content was shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook, for example, accounted for 60% of all shared content.

For desktop computers, the Mac got 5%, while other PCs got 3.9%. Although mobile users are more likely to share links to interesting content, Internet purchases are still made to a greater extent from desktop computers .

The overall percentages represent a clear shift towards smartphones. Mobile device users are almost twice as likely to share as desktop users . Overall, content sharing represented 7.7% of all mobile web activity, compared to 4.1% for desktop users.

An interesting indicator is the division of content consumption according to the size of the device’s screen. The study data, as explained by Appleinsider, suggests that iPad users browse and share content with more images, such as recipes and fashion, while iPhone users focus more on socializing, listening to music and reading news.

This new report comes just after Apple’s announcement of results yesterday. And you, do you share a lot on social networks using your iPhone?

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