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The iPhone increases its presence in Spain in the last quarter

There is no doubt that Spain is the land of Android, since most Spanish users have a device that incorporates the Google operating system , leaving those of us who use an iPhone in the minority. This is changing significantly over the last few months as the iPhone is catching up fast . Is Apple doing so well in Spain?

Today Kantar Media has published a research about the state of the telephone industry during the second quarter of this year in the different countries and it is collected by our colleagues from MovilZona. According to this research the presence of the iPhone has grown by 6% in the global market , although the Android iPhone is still far away, something logical since there are a lot of Android phones.

The iPhone increases its presence in Spain in the last quarterThe iPhone increases its presence in Spain in the last quarter

In most countries, the iPhone continues to increase its presence except in Great Britain, Italy, China and Japan. Spain is one of the countries where sales of the iPhone have grown the most achieving a market share of 11.8%, which represents a growth of 3.8% , a percentage that has stolen directly from Android, since neither Windows Phone nor other operating systems have a presence in our country.

If we look at the other countries, we can see that in Japan iOS is quite close to Android, although it has lost 0.7% in this quarter. In any case, the iPhone does not reign in any country, which is logical because of the large market for Android devices that exist.

We hope that in the future, Spain will have more weight in Apple than it currently has, although if this growth continues to be reproduced in each quarter we have no doubt that soon our country will become very important for Cupertino’s company.

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