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The iPhone continues to attract Android users like a magnet

Tu iPhone jamás soportaría lo que toleran los usuarios de Android

Los datos son abrumadores, y mucho más aún si tenemos en cuenta que el iPhone 8 todavía no ha llegado al mercado y está causando una gran expectación. A pesar de ello, iOS ha seguido atrayendo a una gran cantidad de usuarios de Android . ¡Como si de un imán se tratara!

The iPhone continues to attract Android users like a magnet
The iPhone continues to attract Android users like a magnet

¿Y tú? ¿Has utilizado un smartphone Android? ¿Piensas cambiar a iOS? ¿O por el contrario, cambiarás de iOS a Android? ¡Te esperamos en los comentarios!

The latest data collected by the firm CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) between April and June show how Apple and its iPhone continue to attract a large number of Android users to iOS . Much more than in the last 12 months.

CIRP also reports that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have accounted for a total of 81 % of all iPhone (US) sales . 47 % are part of the iPhone 7 and 34 % for the iPhone 7 Plus.

75% of iOS users have upgraded their device from the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE. And here comes the interesting fact, 20% of consumers in the survey mentioned that they have switched from an Android terminal to an iOS device .

While in Spain these data would be completely different (the smartphone market is totally dominated by Android), in the United States 2 out of 10 new users come from Android . Almost nothing!

Be that as it may, this is still good news for Apple, which has seen its smartphone sales continue to grow and grow every quarter. In addition, the company has managed to attract a high percentage of Android users.

Until now, users coming from Android represented between 14% and 17% of iPhone purchases . Now, with 20%, Apple has set a new record by taking users away from the competition.

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